"Dark Knight Rises" Composer Records Song for Colorado Shooting Victims 

Bless Hans Zimmer's heart. The Oscar-winning composer (Disney's "The Lion King") of "The Dark Knight Rises" has recorded a song to benefit the victims of the Colorado shooting tragedy. On Zimmer's Facebook page, he says:

"Aurora" is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization.

"Aurora" is available internationally via iTunes, and you can also go to MoonToast to donate.

Thank you Mr. Zimmer!

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"Dark Knight" Rises at Box-Office, "The Watch" Not So Much 

The story of the box-office weekend is -- "The Dark Knight Rises" continues to muscle its way on top, while newcomers "The Watch" and "Step Up Revolution" limp.

"The Dark Knight Rises," the final film in the Batman trilogy by writer/director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale as our masked avenger, won the weekend for the second week in a row with $64.1 million. ("THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" MOVIE REVIEW)

Meanwhile, "The Watch," the new sci-fi comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill disappoints with just $13 million for the No. 3 position. Also disappointing was the fourth installment of the "Step Up" franchise called "Revolution." The dance movie only sold $11.8 million for the No. 4 position, way low for the popular "Step Up" franchise.

Here are the Top 10 box-office films for the weekend of July 27th:

1. “The Dark Knight Rises,” $64.1 million

2. “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” $13.3 million

3. “The Watch,” $13 million

4. “Step Up Revolution,” $11.8 million

5. “Ted,” $7.4 million

6. “The Amazing Spider-Man,” $6.8 million

7. “Brave,” $4.2 million

8. “Magic Mike,” $2.6 million

9. “Savages,” $1.8 million

10. “Moonrise Kingdom,” $1.4 million

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Should You Dance With "Step Up Revolution?" Watch My Dancing Review! 

Another year, another “Step Up” movie, this time it’s “Revolution” and is set in Miami. Here’s the quick synopsis: Kathryn McCormick is Emily, an aspiring professional dancer who just arrived in Miami. She soon meets a boy on the wrong side of the tracks named Sean (Ryan Guzman). Soon, the two collide in brilliant choreography. Are you ready to dance? Watch my review and then count – 5,6,7,8!

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Christian Bale Rocks! Actor Visits Colorado Shooting Victims! 

How awesome for Mister Christian to visit the shooting victims! I'm very impressed, and my faith on the actor has been solidified ten times! Read the full article here, and Mister Christian Bale, you rock!

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"You're Going Places," Martin Scorsese Directs Siri in New iPhone Ad! 
Cinema icon, Martin Scorsese, follows in the footsteps of Zooey Deschanel, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Malkovich as the latest celebrity to give love to iPhone's personal assistant, Siri. Take a look at this fun ad:

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