Nicolas Cage is "Kick-Ass" 

Nicolas Cage is set to star in the film version of the Mark Millar ("Wanted") comic book called "Kick-Ass."

The graphic novel's plot is intriguing. A high school loser named Dave Lizewski decides to become a superhero even though he doesn't have any extraordinary abilities. So what happens when he encounters super bad guys with real weapons?

Aaron Johnson will play Dave Lizewski and Lyndsy Fonseca will star as his teenage crush. Cage will portray a former cop who trains his daughter (Chloe Moretz) to be a crime fighter.

Matthew Vaughn ("Stardust" and the soon-to-be produced "Thor") is set to direct.

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Brains and Brawn! Guy Ritchie Talks About "Sherlock Holmes" 

Director Guy Ritchie (yes, Madonna's hubby who's famous for "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", and the upcoming flick "RocknRolla" starring Gerald Butler) reveals his plans for his upcoming film version of Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes."

We all heard that it's going to star Robert Downey Jr., but Ritchie also said:

"It will be a very big production, visceral and intellectual," Ritchie says. "His brilliance will percolate into the action."

It will be set in the olden days, he says, but the emphasis will be as much on Holmes' physical prowess as it is on his keen
powers of deduction.

"His intellect was as much of a curse as it was a blessing," Ritchie says. "He was a deeply layered character."

Read the full story here.

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Will Ahnuld Appear in "Terminator: Salvation"? 

Rumors are swirling around that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is set to appear in the latest installment of "The Terminator" franchise via voiceover!

Moritz Borman, the film's producer, was somewhat coy when asked by All he said was, "Schwarzenegger is governing California. He will not be, as a person, in the film."

Borman further dodges, "I'm not going to answer the question about what we're trying, or what we want, or what we're toying with," said Borman. "It's really up to what fits in the film or not. Maybe his voice, or maybe not. It's really not settled."

I'm predicting no, although it will be kinda cool to hear Ah-nuld's iconic voice on the big screen once again, instead of trying to run a state :happy

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Coen Brothers Gets "Serious." What They're Planning To Do Next! 

The Coen Brothers are ditching A-listers and going with relatively lesser-known actors to star in their new film, "A Serious Man."

Tony-nominated actor Michael Stuhlbarg and character actor Richard Kind will play brothers in the period black comedy.

According to Variety, the story is:

Set in 1967, story centers on Larry Gopnik (Stuhlbarg), a Midwestern professor whose life begins to unravel when his wife sets out to leave him and his socially inept brother (Kind) won't move out of the house.

Shooting is set to start at the beginning of next month in Minneapolis.

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"Death Race" vs. "Hamlet 2" -- Watch My Movie Reviews 

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