Director Christopher Nolan Talks about "Batman 3" 

There are many rumors surrounding a possible "Batman 3." Is Angelina Jolie going to be Catwoman? What about Cher? Oh, what about Johnny Depp as the Riddler?

Well, The Hollywood Reporter has caught up with Director Christopher Nolan, and here's what the article revealed:

Take a second and Google "Angelina Jolie" and "Catwoman." Then click on one of the 696,000 search results for a taste of the fervor that has enveloped "The Dark Knight" and its director. Nolan hasn't even agreed to helm a follow-up, saying only, "We'll see," before departing on a well-deserved vacation. Yet the fans who powered Warners' biggest domestic hit ever ($491.7 million and counting) are already speculating breathlessly based on the little information known. Will Lucius Fox's (Morgan Freeman) reference to the bat suit withstanding cat claws be put to the test by Catwoman? Since Heath Ledger's Joker was hauled off to the insane asylum rather than killed, will the role be recast?

If so, is Daniel Day-Lewis interested? How about Johnny Depp as the Riddler? The devotion is a testament to Nolan's singular vision of the Batman universe -- and to how important it is to Warner Bros. that chief Alan Horn sign Nolan for a third go-round. And perhaps Jolie.

Oh well...

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The Top 10 Best Movies of Summer '08 

Judging by the quality of the blockbuster films that came out this summer, Hollywood finally got it right! Sequels are better (“Hellboy 2: The Golden Army”), musicals are in tune (“Mamma Mia!”), and Oscar buzz surrounds comic book films (“The Dark Knight”). It was a great summer at the movies, and here’s my list of the best of the best. Read More...

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Spielberg Film at the Democratic National Convention 

Steven Spielberg has directed a short film about our military veterans that unspooled at tonight's Democratic National Convention.

The film is narrated by Tom Hanks and was produced by Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks.

According to Variety,

the Democratic National Convention Committee is drawing on industry talent throughout this week. Davis Guggenheim, director of "An Inconvenient Truth," is reportedly working on an Obama film to be shown Thursday. Ken Burns and Mark Herzog were behind the video tribute to Edward Kennedy on Monday. Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason made the Hillary Clinton film that was shown before her convention appearance on Tuesday.

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Why "Twilight" Cast is Reshooting New Scenes!!! 

Normally, reshoots are needed when studios are not happy with the final cut. But with "Twilight," supposedly, it's to beef up some story elements.

I'm a big fan of the book, so this is a good news!

Summit Entertainment is making sure that their film is going to meet high expectations!

So read here to find out what scenes are being reshot!

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Woody Harrelson -- Zombie Slayer 

Mister Woody has signed on to star in the horror comedy, "Zombieland," to be directed by Ruden Fleischer.

The script? Written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick ("The Joe Schmo Show" -- see, reality shows have WRITERS!!!!).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Zombieland" revolves around:

a mismatched pair of survivors who find friendship and redemption in a world overrun by zombies. Harrelson plays one of the men, a zombie fighter named Albuquerque

Intriguing, interesting, and if it's a horror comedy, I'm sure Mister Woody can pull it off!

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