Shia LaBeouf: More Bang for Your Buck! Check Out Top 10 Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck! 

Forbes has released its annual list of Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck. The list features actors who can earn studios the most for their money. And for the second year in a row, Shia LaBeouf tops the list. According to Forbes, for every $1 LaBeouf was paid, his movies bring in $81 in profit. Who else made it to the Forbes list of Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck? Take a look:

#1 Shia LaBeouf: $81 for $1

It's all about "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" which earned a combined total of $836 million worldwide.

#2 Anne Hathaway: $64 for $1

Hathaway made it this high because of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." Keep in mind, these actors scored high because they were not paid high either. They were cheap, but their movies made tons of moolah!

#3 Daniel Radcliffe: $61 for $1

The entire "Harry Potter" franchise has made $5.4 billion so far, so it's no wonder Radcliffe made it on the list.

#4 Robert Downey Jr.: $33 for $1

His payday remained relatively low, but his films kept on bringing money! The power combo of "Sherlock Holmes" and "Iron Man 2" helped put the actor on this list.

#5 Cate Blanchett: $27 to $1

This is interesting. Blanchett was added on the list because of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Robin Hood." But since Blanchett made far less money than her male co-stars, she made it on the Forbes list while Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe were nowhere to be found.

#6 Jennifer Aniston: $21 to $1

Aniston on the list? What? Weren't her films box-office duds? Well, according to Forbes, two of the films they counted this year, "The Bounty Hunter" and "He's Just Not That Into You" (wait, wasn't that film released last year?) both made money and made decent return on investment.

#7 Meryl Streep: $21 to $1

It's sad that Streep is not earning like her male counterparts, but at the same time, it's okay because the greatest working actress of her generation landed on the list.

#8 Johnny Depp: $18 to $1

Depp makes more money than anyone in Hollywood right now, but his movies also offer good returns on investment. For example? "Alice in Wonderland" made $1 billion worldwide!

#9 Nicolas Cage: $17 to $1

No, Cage did not make it on the list because of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" but due to the 2009 movie, "Knowing" which brought in $184 million.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker: $17 to $1

"Sex and the City" movies, enough said.

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Who's Directing "Clash of the Titans 2?" 

"Clash of the Titans," the remake of the 1981 original, was one of the biggest moneymakers this year, so now, we're talking sequels. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Liebesman has signed a deal to direct the sequel for Warner Bros. and Legendary.

Louis Leterrier directed the much-maligned remake starring Sam Worthington, and I heard, Liebesman and company will try to improve on the second film. First, this one will NOT be converted to 3-D, but instead, will be shot in three dimension. That's good!

Second, smart scriptwriters are supposed to be attached to the sequel such as Greg Berlanti (the upcoming "Green Lantern"), Dan Mazeau (he worked for WB on "The Flash" and "Jonny Quest"), and David Leslie Johnson (the upcoming thriller "Red Riding Hood"). Mazeau and Johnson are working on the script right now.

Apparently, Liebesman nabbed the directing gig from the strong footage of his upcoming "Battle: Los Angeles," an alien invasion flick from Sony. This footage also wowed the crowd from Comic-Con this year. But this is also the guy who gave us the horrible "Darkness Falls" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" so I'm proceeding with caution.

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Is Bruce Willis Playing The Thing? 

Is this just fantasy casting? But revealed that Fox would like Bruce Willis to star as Ben Grimm aka The Thing for the reboot of the "Fantastic Four" franchise. This will be mostly CGI and voice work, except of course, when the scene requires for Ben Grimm to appear. It sounds like a good idea, but for now, it's all just rumors.

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Say It Isn't So! Darren Aronofsky to Direct X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2? 

If this rumor is true, then this is great news! Darren Aronofsky ("The Wrestler," "Requiem for a Dream," the upcoming "Black Swan") is being talked about to direct the sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

But another director in talks is David Slade, the guy who made "Twilight" cool again! Coming off the success of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," Slade may get the job, BUT, Mr. Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, has a good relationship with Aronofsky even though I despised the film they both worked together on, "The Fountain."

Slade could add muscle to the sequel, while Aronofsky could infuse the film with good storytelling. 20th Century Fox is about to make a decision very soon, but either or, I'm very happy with the choices.

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Who's Interested to Star in "Bride of Frankenstein?" 

The remake of the classic 1935 film "Bride of Frankenstein" has been stuck in development hell for quite some time now. The last thing we heard about the project was that Universal and Imagine Entertainment revived the planned remake. That was last year. Today? We heard that no other than Lindsay Lohan is interested in playing the title character. I don't know if you want to believe TMZ but according to the tabloid site:

We're told Lindsay's agent at CAA gave her the script for the yet-to-be filmed remake before she checked into jail and LiLo "really wants it."

Lohan really wants the part but an Imagine Entertainment executive told TMZ that "there is no truth to this."

Regardless of who gets the part, it's about that time again when we annually hear some ramblings about "The Bride of Frankenstein." So Universal and Imagine, just do the remake and let's move forward. The last time a remake was made for "Bride" it was for the 1985 flick "The Bride" starring Jennifer Beals and Sting.

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