"Total Recall" Movie Review -- Which is Better Between the Original and the Remake? 

The big movie this weekend? “Total Recall!” It’s a remake of the 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by Paul Verhoeven. Sharon Stone was in the film too pre-“Basic Instinct” days.

The new film has Colin Farrell stepping into the Governator shoes and Kate Beckinsale putting on her tough Stone persona. This one’s directed by Len Wiseman, the guy who gave us “Underworld” and “Underworld: Evolution.” Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bokeem Woodbine, Bill Nighy, and John Cho co-star.

Should you see the new “Total Recall” or should just forget it and remember the good, old days of the Schwarzenegger version? Take a look at my review:

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Dethroned! "Citizen Kane" No Longer Best Movie Ever! Critics, Directors Pick Top 10 Films of All Time! 

So long "Citizen Kane," you're no longer the best film of all time! Sight & Sound, the British Film Institute-published magazine, has released its once-every-ten-years international film critics' poll to find out the best films ever made. The much-beloved Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" fell from the top spot for the first time in fifty years. (Take a look below for the complete Top 10 list plus directors picked their own Top 10)

So what's the best film of all time now (at least for the next 10 years)? No other than Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, this mystery, twisty drama certainly deserves to be on the Top 10 but beating "Citizen Kane?"

But keep in mind, according to THR, back in 2002, the last time such a poll was conducted, "Vertigo" was just five votes behind "Citizen Kane." Now, the Hitchcock film beat Welles' masterpiece by 34 votes. Wow! But, 846 film critics, academics, distributors, writer, and programmers have spoken through the poll. And they voted for 2,045 movies overall! (For the directors' list, Sight & Sound polled 358 film directors from all over the world)

Let's see if "Vertigo" can hold the top spot or if "Citizen Kane" can bounce back...ten years from now. Gosh, that's too long!

For now, here's the full list of the Critics' Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time with video! I thought it was quite nifty! (See below for the Directors' Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time)

1. Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

2. Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941)

3. Tokyo Story (Ozu, 1953)

4. La Règle du jeu (Renoir, 1939)

5. Sunrise: A Song for Two Humans (Murnau, 1927)

6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968)

7. The Searchers (Ford, 1956)

8. Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov, 1929)

9. The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dreyer, 1927)

10. 8 ½ (Fellini, 1963)

And here's the Directors’ Top 10 Greatest Films of All Time

1. Tokyo Story (Ozu, 1953)
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick, 1968)
3. Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941)
4. 8 ½ (Fellini, 1963)
5. Taxi Driver (Scorsese, 1980)
6. Apocalypse Now (Coppola, 1979)
7. The Godfather (Coppola, 1972)
8. Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)
9. Mirror (Tarkovsky, 1974)
10. Bicycle Thieves (De Sica, 1948)


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Check Out New "Paranormal Activity 4" Poster, Trailer! Yup, It's Closer Than You Think! 

Okay, confession time! I quite enjoy the "Paranormal Activity" franchise. Sure, the first one is probably the best, but parts 2 and 3 came up with brilliant twists to make the ride entertaining.


My interview with Micah and Katie for the first "Paranormal Activity"
Interview with Katie for "Paranormal Activity 2"
Interview with "Paranormal Activity 3" directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman -- they hinted on Part 4!

Like the first three films, the fourth one is shrouded in secrecy, but, I'm sure we will all enjoy the movie when it opens on October 19th of this year. "Paranormal Activity 4" will be once again directed by Joost and Schulman ("Catfish"). Check out the trailer below:

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It's Official -- "The Hobbit" Will Be a Trilogy! 

Last Monday, we told you that there were talks going around that director Peter Jackson may divide his new "Hobbit" movie into three films. (See "The Hobbit" will be Three Movies?)

I seriously doubted it, how will Jackson and company expand on the J.R.R. Tolkien book which was not that thick to begin with? But then, doubting it means doubting the storytelling prowess of Jackson, so, I was wrong.

The director revealed, on his Facebook page, that yes, "The Hobbit" will be divided into three films. The first one, "An Unexpected Journey" will be seen this December, the second one, "There and Back Again" will be released on December of 2013, and the third will be unveiled summer of 2014. Here's what Jackson wrote:

It is only at the end of a shoot that you finally get the chance to sit down and have a look at the film you have made. Recently Fran, Phil and I did just this when we watched for the first time an early cut of the first movie - and a large chunk of the second. We were really pleased with the way the story was coming together, in particular, the strength of the characters and the cast who have brought them to life. All of which gave rise to a simple question: do we take this chance to tell more of the tale? And the answer from our perspective as the filmmakers, and as fans, was an unreserved ‘yes.'

We know how much of the story of Bilbo Baggins, the Wizard Gandalf, the Dwarves of Erebor, the rise of the Necromancer, and the Battle of Dol Guldur will remain untold if we do not take this chance. The richness of the story of The Hobbit, as well as some of the related material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, allows us to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous, but at all times exciting, history of Middle-earth.

So, without further ado and on behalf of New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Wingnut Films, and the entire cast and crew of “The Hobbit” films, I’d like to announce that two films will become three.

It has been an unexpected journey indeed, and in the words of Professor Tolkien himself, "a tale that grew in the telling."


Peter J

So visit Jackson's Facebook, you may learn a thing or two! :happy

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"Step Up" Director to Revitalize "He Man and the Masters of the Universe?"  

Will He-Man sing and dance in the planned big screen version of "The Masters of the Universe?" Just kidding. I'm sure we'll not see the He-Man and his oh-so-glorious haircut be performing Broadway style anytime soon but Jon M. Chu is in talks to direct the reboot. Chu, of course, is the guy who gave us "Step Up 2 The Streets," "Step Up 3D," and the Justin Bieber concert documentary, "Never Say Never." Sure, Chu also directed the sequel "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," but we won't see that film until 2013, so we can only judge the director based on the "Step Up" films and Bieber.

So far, he's very visual (I love all the 3D effects of "Step Up 3D"), and he has great timing, but that's about it. I still need to see him spread his wings as a storyteller. Don't get me wrong, I've interviewed him before, twice as a matter of fact, and he's always been fantastic! (Here's Chu on "Step Up 2 The Streets," and here he is for "Step Up 3D")

I grew up with the "He-Man" franchise, so Chu, I know you pay attention to fans, so don't mess this one up! Okay?

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