Explosive "Escape From Tomorrow" Gets Release Date Despite Disney Controversy 

Billed as guerilla filmmaking at its finest, the controversial "Escape From Tomorrow" gets a release date! The psychological thriller debuted at the Sundance Film Festival to glowing reviews. And now, we'll be able to see it in a limited theatrical release and video-on-demand on Oct. 11 according to Producers Distribution Agency.

Many folks were questioning whether the film will get released at all because writer/director Randy Moore used Disney World, almost like one of characters in the film, to tell the narrative. In the movie, a husband and father (played by Roy Abramsohn) learns that he lost his job on the eve of his family vacation in Disney World. There, he encounters two French girls which heighten his paranoid delusions.

"Escape From Tomorrow" was shot guerilla-style in Disney World, without the company's permission of course, which led many to question whether the film will be released at all!

But now it appears that Disney is not doing anything to stop the film's release. At least for now.

Here's the film's official summary:

An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses. Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist and darkly comic nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians. Chillingly shot in black and white, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW dissects the mythology of artificial perfection while subversively attacking our culture's obsession with mass entertainment.

Here's the complete cast:

Roy Abramsohn as Jim White, a middle-aged father of two
Elena Schuber as his wife, Emily
Katelynn Rodriguez as his daughter, Sarah
Jack Dalton as his son, Elliott
Alison Lees-Taylor as Other Woman
Annet Mahendru and Danielle Safady as the two French girls

And here are some videos associated with "Escape From Tomorrow." First, an official clip featuring Jim seeing the two French girls for the first time:

And here's a featurette -- Meet the Artists:

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Watch "Lee Daniels' The Butler" and "Jobs" Movie Reviews -- Early Oscar Hopefuls? 

Two big films with Oscar hopes arrive in theaters this weekend, we have Lee Daniels' "The Butler" and "Jobs." In "The Butler," Forest Whitaker stars in the title role as a White House butler who served 8 presidents over 3 decades. The star-studded cast features Oprah Winfrey as the butler's wife, Gloria, Terrence Howard, Maria Carey, Vanessa Redgrave, James Marsden, Robin Williams, Alex Pettyfer, jane Fonda, Alan Rickman, Cuba Gooding Jr., and much more.

In "Jobs," Ashton Kutcher embodies the role of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who led the digital revulotion. Josh Gad ("The Book of Mormon") co-stars as Jobs' wingman, Steve Wozniak.

So which film is my pick of the week? Take a look:

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Matthew Modine (John Sculley) Talks About “Jobs” 

Matthew Modine stars as John Sculley in the new movie “Jobs” with Ashton Kutcher in the title role. Sculley used to be the President of Pepsi until he became CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993. Modine inhabits the Silicon Valley businessman in the biopic from director Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”).

(For my interview with Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, click here)

In this interview, we talked about:

*** What got him interested in joining the cast of “Jobs?”
*** How did he research the role? Did he meet the real life John Sculley?
*** One of the goosebump inducing moments in “Jobs” is when they show the 1984 Apple commercial directed by Ridley Scott
*** Sculley as a marketing guru and businessman
*** Of course, his favorite Apple product!

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Watch My Brand New Promo on ANC Philippines! It's Fun! 

I’m proud to be a part of the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). It’s a cable television network in the Philippines and the country’s only English language and the first 24-hour news organization. I appear on Mornings @ ANC at 9 am and ANC Alerts @ 4:30 pm. I provide entertaining movie reviews, and fun celebrity interviews! They made a promo for me and I love it! So I’m sharing it with you. It’s a hodge podge of my interviews this year including Lea Salonga, Woody Harrelson, Henry Cavill, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco and much, much more! Take a look and you’ll understand why I’m proud to be an ANC correspondent!

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Why Ben Stiller Made "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!" See His Open Letter! 

So this morning, I was very happy to receive a signed open letter from Ben Stiller and a thumb drive full of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" photos from Fox. The remake of the 1947 Danny Kay comedy based on the 1941 short story by James Thurber will not be released until Christmas Day, but so far, the Oscar machine at Fox has been cranking.

But I loved reading Stiller's note. It's full of interesting anecdotes (he doesn't reveal his real age, really Ben Stiller?), and he reveals why he made the remake.

So without further adieu, I transcribed the letter for you, then watch "Walter Mitty" trailer below. I also posted all the pics I received!

Thanks for your interest in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Some thoughts as to why I made this movie…

I remember reading James Thurber’s short story as a kid in school and liking it. It was cool hearing this guy’s inner thoughts, and how he transported himself into an alternate reality, and became different heroic people. It’s kind of amazing that the story is only two pages long, but Mitty has become an iconic character, synonymous with daydreaming in our culture.

Over the years people talked about remaking the Danny Kaye comedy, but it wasn’t until Steve Conrad wrote what I think is an extraordinary script that I got intrigued with the possibility of what this movie could be. He made the story relevant, and offered a funny and emotional tone that while challenging to descript, is to me the reason I like to go to the movies.

As I have gotten older (I have kept my age off IMDB but let’s say I am “over 30”), I’ve really gotten in touch with the idea that the life you lead often becomes the one you end up living, as opposed to what you imagined life would be like when you’re young.

That idea was fascinating to me. When I started acting, I wanted to be like Al Pacino. I use this as a point of illustration as to how far one’s reality can drift from one’s initial life plan.

When you reach a certain age, you realize that the window of opportunity to have the life you’d imagined for yourself is shrinking. This story examines how you get to a certain point in your life and think, “Oh, wait. This is kind of it.” We keep thinking and reaming things will happen, but often times they don’t. We meet Walter Mitty as this crossroads.

Steve’s script gave a context for why someone is a daydreamer, and while his potential to imagine is amazing, it also holds Walter back. Walter is always thinking about what he wants to do or what he wants to be, but he’s not there in the moment. Steve took the fantastical notion of James Thurber’s story, of the ordinary man consumed by his extraordinary daydreams, and gave it a relatibility that I hope audiences will feel and get lost in.

Also, we have an incredible cast (Kristen Wiig, Shirley Maclaine, Sean Penn, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt and many others). Working with them, and a very dedicated crew both in Iceland and New York, everyone was really committed to the aesthetic of the movie.

My wish is that we made a movie that people have a hard time categorizing. I hope it is funny and serious, epic and intimate, realistic while also being sort of fantasy too. Mainly I hope it connects with the idea that we all have something inside of us waiting to get out, and all it takes is the courage to stop dreaming and start living.

I’ve enclosed some visuals from the film that may help. Thanks for getting the word out.

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