"Ghost Town" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais Get? 

Romantic movies featuring ghosts are either hit or miss. For every memorable film such as “Ghost,” we get disappointing flicks like “High Spirits.” In “Ghost Town,” the filmmakers are lucky to have British import Ricky Gervais. He provided the soul of the movie. Read More...

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Latest "Spider-Man" News 

According to the U.K. Times, Tobey Maguire has agreed to work on both "Spider-Man 4" and "Spider-Man 5" back-to-back if he is allowed to take early mornings and evenings off to play with his 22-month old daughter, Ruby Sweetheart.

That's a valid excuse, family should be on anyone's top list of priorities!

The article also revealed that there's a musical based on the "Spider-Man" franchise with songs from Bono. Huh?

I love the Bono reference, but a musical? Come on!

But what the article failed to mention is, if Sam Raimi, the brilliant mind behind the franchise, will return to direct.

Without Raimi, it'll be very hard to envision the continuation of the franchise (granted, "Spider-Man 3" wasn't as good as the first two, but if they're moving forward with the story, Raimi's auteur-ship should be highly visualized).

Read the entire article here.

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What's Going On with "Wonder Woman" the Movie? 

Oh my goddess! I was perusing the internet today and I found out about this exciting news story.

Though Warner Bros. is not going full-speed ahead yet, "Wonder Woman" the movie seems to be heading in the green light direction!

"Wonder Woman" was my heroine as a wee boy. I saw both the first-run and the re-runs and Lynda Carter was and still is my goddess! I met her for the "Sky High" press junket, and I've been smitten ever since.

But enough about my crush, read this exciting development by clicking here.

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Who's Rumored to be Playing Wasp? 

Well, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria was photographed leaving Marvel Studios clutching a bunch of comics, and one of them was the Avengers.

So that shot sparked an internet fanboy frenzy about Longoria possibly co-starring in the upcoming "Avengers" film.

If the rumor is true, all I want to know is, why Longoria?

Click here to read the full article!

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Rumors -- Why Robert De Niro Left "Edge of Darkness?" 

It's been more than a week since Robert DeNiro left the set of "Edge of Darkness." It's supposed to be Mel Gibson's big comeback as an actor.

Why did De Niro leave? Some say because:

1) The actor was forced to re-shoot a simple scene over and over again
2) The actor came unprepared
3) De Niro did not get along with Gibson

But wait, there's more! Click here to see the full article.

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