"Evil Dead" the Musical -- the Movie Version! 

First it was a really great horror/comedy, then it became a Canadian-off-Broadway musical, now, "Evil Dead: The Musical" may be headed back to the big screen with songs from the original stage production!

This is intriguing. How will the dead sing?

Here's the synopsis of the stage musical according to Wikipedia:

Several college students spend the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods, accidentally unleashing an evil terror. In this comedic take on the 80s horror franchise, characters and demons sing and dance to songs written specifically for the musical. And, as in the films, Ash is there to dish out his various one liners and fight the never ending Army of Darkness. Audiences are typically warned that the first few rows may get wet as the play calls for large amounts of stage blood to be splattered . (Ponchos are provided during the 15 minute intermission before Act Two).

The musical takes creative liberty with the plot line of the movies, mixing together the characters and concepts of all three, as well as changing sequences for the sake of the stage and comedic intent.

And click here to read the full story from Screen Daily!

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Be an Extra on "Iron Man 2"! Go to Ebay! 

There's an Ebay auction for Stand Up to Cancer revolving around Iron Man 2. The auction ends on Sept. 15th, and the winner will enjoy:

* A visit to the set of Iron Man 2 (one shooting day)
o Location of visit will be determined by Marvel based on scheduling of visit
* A meet and greet with the cast
* A walk-on/ extra role in the film for the auction winner
o Role and length of screen time to be determined by Marvel
* Photo tour of the set with an Iron Man unit photographer to document the tour. Professional photos will be given to the winner of the experience.
* Tickets to the Los Angeles premiere for you and a guest
* Winner and Guest will walk the premiere’s red carpet

If you're an "Iron Man" fan with lots of money, and you're willing to donate it to charity, go to the Ebay auction and bid bid bid!

It's currently at $5600 so good luck!

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"Inside Man 2"? Director Spike Lee Says YES! 

A sequel to "Inside Man" is being planned, and director Spike Lee is excited about it!

Lee talked about the Clive Owen and Denzel Washington characters, but what about Jodie Foster's?

Click here to read the full article.

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More "Ghosbusters 3" Goodness! 

This time, it's Harold Ramis chiming in!

Read his email about "Ghostbusters 3" here.

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Why "Max Payne" Director Hates the MPAA 

Don't mention MPAA in front of "Max Payne" director John Moore.

Find out why in this intriguing interview!

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