"Choke" Interviews -- Author Chuck Palahniuk and Director Clark Gregg 

From the brilliant mind of Chuck Palahniuk ("Fight Club"), "Choke" is one of the most original films this year! Winner of the Special Jury Prize at this year's Sundance, actor-director Clark Gregg created a thought-provoking, gripping film that's really a romantic comedy full of dysfunctional characters.

We talked about:

The genesis of the project from book to film
Was it a faithful adaptation of the book?
Palahniuk's inspiration -- 70s movies!
Why Palahniuk enjoyed working with Gregg

Here you go, have fun! :happy

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"Choke" Interviews -- Sam Rockwell and Brad William Henke 

Sam Rockwell (Victor Mancini) and Brad William Henke (Denny) have chemistry on and off the screen. They play best pals in the film, and you can see their great camaraderie.

We talked about:

Their involvement with "Choke"
Their characters
Working with Anjelica Huston and Kelly MacDonald
"Choke's" romantic comedy angle

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"Choke" Interview -- Anjelica Huston 

The great Anjelica Huston is mesmerizing in the film as Ida J. Mancini, the delusional mother of Victor (Sam Rockwell).

We talked about:

Involvement with the film
Attraction to the role
Working with Chuck Palahniuk (author) and director Clark Gregg
Working with Sam Rockwell and Kelly MacDonald
Her character Ida J. Mancini

Click on the YouTube thingie to watch it :happy

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Who's Directing "The Green Hornet?" 

Seth Rogen is set to star as the masked crime fighter in "The Green Hornet." He also co-wrote the script with Evan Goldberg.

Now, director-star Stephen Chow has signed on to direct and play Rogen's sidekick Kato (played in the original TV show by Bruce Lee)!

I enjoyed "Kung Fu Hustle," so I think he's a great choice. I still am having a hard time buying a comedy version of "The Green Hornet" though.

We just have to wait until we see the finished product on June 25, 2010.

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Samuel L. Jackson Film Dominates Box-Office 

As predicted, "Lakeview Terrace," the thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson as a neighborhood bully in blue debuted at the top spot with $15.6 million in ticket sales.

"Burn After Reading," the number one film last week was bumped down to No. 2 with $11.3 million.

Click Read More to see the rest of the Top 10 films at the box-office. Read More...

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