"Zombieland" Movie Review! Caution -- Spoiler Ahead! 

Zombies, like vampires, are the rock stars of the horror genre. From George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” to 2004’s “Shaun of the Dead,” zombies have fed our hunger for flesh-eating mayhem.

With the release of “28 Days Later” and “Shaun of the Dead,” the zombie genre has had a makeover. No longer are the zombies slow and almost immovable, they are now fast and furious.

And it’s just not enough that zombie movies are scary. They also can be funny. “Zombieland” fits right in the funny and scary category. Star Woody Harrelson brings the right charisma to make “Zombieland” one of the most entertaining films this year that is a quasi-buddy movie with a road trip angle and a romantic sentiment. Read More...

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"Twilight" Executive Producers Want to Lick Lauren Conrad's "L.A. Candy" 

Temple Hill Entertainment, one of the producing partners of the "Twilight" franchise, has acquired screen rights to "L.A. Candy," Lauren Conrad's bestselling debut novel.

Conrad, is of course, the ex-star of the MTV reality series "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach." She will be the executive producer of "L.A. Candy" the movie.

Experts say write what you know, so Conrad wrote the book about a 19-year old young woman named Jane Roberts who moves to Hollywood and becomes a reality series star (Sounds familiar?)!!!

There's no writer yet to adapt the novel, nor a studio/financier so stay tuned.

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Your Moviegoing Habits! See Surprising New Study! Do You Still Believe in Movie Critics? 

Young moviegoers embrace social networks, while older ones are traditional! Common sense right? But wait, it gets interesting. Moviegoers 2010, the first report on moviegoing habits produced by Stradella Road, the entertainment marketing firm founded by former New Line Web guru Gordon Paddison, released a new study about our moviegoing habits.

Here are some of the highlights taken from Variety:

* Teens (age 13-17) are "all about sharing information and group thinking," the report said, with social networking a critical communication tool. They go to movies in large groups and are heavily influenced by their friends' opinions. They also prefer texting over having phone conversations. More than 70% also surf the Web and text while watching TV, and 67% of them socialize with friends online.

* Twentysomethings (age 18-29) "are digital natives that have grown up with technology" and are more likely to go online for movie info and to share what they think about movies via social networks (58% socialize with friends online). They use the Internet to find any kind of information and place a high value on online consumer reviews and sites that aggregate reviews.

* Auds in their 30s are time-constrained, with parenthood dominating their decisions. They split their moviegoing trips between their children and their spouses. They "spend the highest number of hours online and rep the highest use of technology (Internet, broadband access, DVR ownership and cell phone)." They also view the most recorded TV and skip the most ads via their DVRs.

* Those in their 40s embrace traditional media like magazines and newspapers, with moviegoing dominated by special family occasions and influenced by teens.

* And fiftysomethings avoid crowds, prefer matinees and "skip ads because they think there are too many commercials on TV."

As for those curmudgeon critics? Variety continues:

Most films are now considered critic-proof, especially among the younger set, with 84% of moviegoers saying, "When they make up their mind to see a movie, it doesn't matter what the critics say about it." OH REALLY?

Of those surveyed, 75% said they trust a friend's opinion more than a movie critic; 80% said they were more likely to see a movie after hearing a positive review from other moviegoers, while only 67% said a thumbs up from a professional critic had the same weight. THAT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER :happy

The report continues:

While 62% now get their reviews online, only auds over 50 rely on newspaper reviews.

So what did we learn boys and girls? You still believe critics, but you go online to learn about the films. Hhhhmmm, hence, this online experiment of mine! :happy


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Coen Brothers' "A Serious Man" Earns Critics' Choice Seal! 

"A Serious Man," the new film from the great Coen brothers has just earned the Critics' Choice seal! The Critics' Choice distinction is given to new movies receiving a high Critics' Choice Ratings score in the weekly voting by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, of which I'm a proud member, thank you very much!

The film earned a high score of 87 making it eligible to receive the Critics' Choice seal. Check out the BFCA website right here, and "A Serious Man" seal right here.

"A Serious Man" opens in limited release this Thursday, Oct. 1st.

Here's more info about the film:

A Serious Man
Release Date October 1, 2009
MPAA Rating R
Directed By Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Starring Michael Stuhlbarg, Sari Lennick, Richard Kind, Fred Melamed, Aaron Wolff, Jessica McManus, Adam Arkin

Official Site http://www.filminfocus.com/focusfeature ... erious_man

Synopsis (From Focus)

"A Serious Man" is the story of an ordinary man's search for clarity in a universe where Jefferson Airplane is on the radio and "F-Troop" is on TV. It is 1967, and Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg), a physics professor at a quiet Midwestern university, has just been informed by his wife Judith (Sari Lennick) that she is leaving him.

She has fallen in love with one of his more pompous colleagues, Sy Ableman (Fred Melamed), who seems to her a more substantial person than the feckless Larry. Larry's unemployable brother Arthur (Richard Kind) is sleeping on the couch, his son Danny (Aaron Wolf) is a discipline problem and a shirker at Hebrew school, and his daughter Sarah (Jessica McManus) is filching money from his wallet in order to save up for a nose job.

While his wife and Sy Ableman blithely make new domestic arrangements, and his brother becomes more and more of a burden, an anonymous hostile letter-writer is trying to sabotage Larry's chances for tenure at the university. Also, a graduate student seems to be trying to bribe him for a passing grade while at the same time threatening to sue him for defamation. Plus, the beautiful woman next door torments him by sunbathing nude. Struggling for equilibrium, Larry seeks advice from three different rabbis. Can anyone help him cope with his afflictions and become a righteous person - a mensch - a serious man?

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Jessica Alba to Join "Meet the Parents 3?" 

Jessica Alba is in negotiations to join the cast of the third installment of the "Meet the Parents" franchise. The film is in pre-production right now with director Paul Weitz attached for Universal Pictures and Tribeca Productions.

Alba will star alongside Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, and Owen Wilson.

The actress has just finished "An Invisible Sign of My Own," "The Killer Inside Me," "Machete," and "Valentine's Day" and hasn't made a commitment to her next project yet, so she'll sign on to the third "Meet the Parents" movie aka "Little Fockers."

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