Jessica Alba to Join "Meet the Parents 3?" 

Jessica Alba is in negotiations to join the cast of the third installment of the "Meet the Parents" franchise. The film is in pre-production right now with director Paul Weitz attached for Universal Pictures and Tribeca Productions.

Alba will star alongside Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner, and Owen Wilson.

The actress has just finished "An Invisible Sign of My Own," "The Killer Inside Me," "Machete," and "Valentine's Day" and hasn't made a commitment to her next project yet, so she'll sign on to the third "Meet the Parents" movie aka "Little Fockers."

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Brooding Vampires, Hot Werewolves, Fierce Villains! Take a Look at New "Twilight Saga: New Moon" Posters! 

Summit released new posters for "Twilight Saga: New Moon." Just look at the embrace between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Rob Pattinson).

"The Next Chapter Begins" is the sequel's tagline, and from the looks of it, Twi-hards are in for a treat!

I especially like the Volturi poster featuring Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen. Fierce!

And of course, there's the wolf pack headed by Taylor Lautner as Jacob.

The film, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer and directed by Chris Weitz, opens in theaters Nov. 20th!

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First Look: Sylvester Stallone in "The Expendables!" The Truth Behind the Title! 

I don't know about you, but Sylvester Stallone looks pretty hot in this picture! HA!

Thanks to our friends at Empire Online, you are able to see a first look at "The Expendables" billed as an action film to end all action films. And why not? Actor-director Stallone assembled the best, toughest action guys. There's Jet Li, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, and Dolph Rundgren. Even Mickey Rourke is in on the fun. But wait, there's more! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis will also do cameos!

Stallone himself said, "Whereas the 'Oceans 11' films were an ensemble for good looking guys, this is an ensemble for ugly tough guys."

The plot revolves around a group of mercenaries who are hired to get rid of a South American dictator. Lionsgate is releasing the film on April 23rd, 2010.

Here's some more great quotes from Stallone as told to Empire Online.

What's the meaning of the title "The Expendables?"

"It's from Rambo 2. The girl I'm falling in love with says, “Why do you do what you do?” I say, “I'm expendable.” She says, “What does that mean?” I say, “It's like someone invites you to a party and you don't show up. It doesn't really matter.” And these men, they live a life that... They're expendable. If they're gone, the world will go on. No one will miss them, They don't have families, all they have is each other. They're expendable to the rest of the world, but they're not expendable to each other – they're just necessary. So it's a real brotherhood. I think it has a lot of heart for an action film."

Why did Stallone want to do the film?

"What I wanted to do was just try to do something that is a little different. Today, technically, we're incredibly gifted and versatile with CGI, and I wanted to do a film that was more about men, doing things that we did back in the 80s and 90s that were a little more mano a mano – actual, physical stunts. It's also a story that isn't super-gigantic; it's almost a believable story. And the thing was to find certain personalities that never would have worked together normally and put them all together. It's like the dream team. It just hasn't been done. I guess it's kinda like The Dirty Dozen, or one of those films that comes along every once in a while – like The Magnificent Seven – to try to take that old formula and move it into a modern era. We accomplished it; I'm very, very happy with the film."

For more "Expendables" goodies, visit Empire Online right here.

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New Trailer for Disney's "A Christmas Carol" 

I'm a big Scrooge fan. I gobble up any Scrooge-related film, even the worst ones. But I'm sure the upcoming film from director Robert Zemeckis will be a good one, and Jim Carrey doing multiple voices (he's the voice of the following characters: Ebenezer Scrooge/ Ghost of Christmas Past/ Ghost of Christmas Present/ Ghost of Christmas Future) will be a spectacle!

The new trailer is a delight, and I say, Charles Dickens will be pleased :happy

Take a look at the new trailer:

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" will open Nov. 6. Here's more info on the film courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.

Ebenezer Scrooge begins the Christmas holiday with his usual miserly contempt, barking at his faithful clerk and his cheery nephew. But when the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come take him on an eye-opening journey revealing truths Old Scrooge is reluctant to face, he must open his heart to undo years of ill will before it's too late

Genres: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Animation, Adaptation and Holiday
Release Date: November 6th, 2009
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

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You Demanded It! "Paranormal Activity" to Open Wider This Weekend! Is It Playing in Your Neighborhood? 

More than 230,000 fans demanded "Paranormal Activity" to be shown in their cities, so Paramount will open the film in 20 additional markets! Yay! (to see where it's playing now, click here)

Right now, it's scaring a bunch of college-age kids in many college town where the initial push for "Paranormal Activity" was held.

Written, directed, and produced by Oren Peli, the innovative thriller stars Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat as a young, middle class couple who moves into an unassuming tract house. But then, they become increasingly disturbed by a malevolent presence. Creepiness ensues!

"Paramount Activity" is opening in 20 different markets, but don't stop there! DEMAND IT MORE! Bring it to your city by visiting

Here's a list of the 20 new different markets to open this coming Friday, Oct. 2nd:

Los Angeles, CA (Arclight Hollywood)
New York, NY (AMC Empire)
Chicago, IL (AMC River East)
Dallas, TX (AMC Northpark)
Houston, TX (AMC Studio)
San Diego, CA (AMC Mission Valley)
Phoenix, AZ (Harkins Tempe Marketplace)
San Francisco, CA (AMC Metreon)
Philadelphia, PA (National Amusement Bridge)
Atlanta, GA (Atlantic Station)
Miami, FL (AMC Adventure)
San Antonio, TX (AMC Huebner Oaks)
Las Vegas, NV (Rave Town Square)
Minneapolis, MN (AMC Rosedale)
Denver, CO (Regal Continental)
Detroit, MI (AMC Forum)
DC/Baltimore (AMC Georgetown)
Sacramento, CA (Cinemark Complex 14)
San Jose, CA (AMC Mercado)
Tampa, FL (AMC Veterans)

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