Kate Winslet Channels Joan Crawford in "MIldred Pierce!" Check Out Trailer 

This is melodrama at its finest! But then again, the source material was a 1941 James M. Cain novel of the same name, which became a 1945 Academy Award-winning film starring Joan Crawford. The actress won an Oscar that year, and Eve Arden (Best Supporting Actress), Ann Blyth (Best Supporting Actress), Ernest Haller (Best Cinematography, Black-and-White), and Ranald MacDougall (Best Screenplay) were all nominated. The film was nominated for Best Picture as well but lost to "The Lost Weekend."

The film is a you-go-girl kinda movie where Mildred Pierce Beragon, frustrated by her unemployed cheating husband, seek out to support herself and her children. But then, there's her ungrateful child named Veda which is played by Evan Rachel Wood -- I love her!

Winslet plays Mildred Pierce, and judging from the trailer, she's great, but I'm wondering how this material will play with this generation now. It'll be interesting to see what director Todd Haynes does with the source.

Here's the trailer:

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Al Pacino and Joe Pesci May Work with Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro for Surprising Movie! 

It's about the mob! Not surprising enough? When you hear the names Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese, and Robert De Niro mentioned, what kind of film do you imagine? Certainly not a "Transformers" film!

This one's called "The Irishman" based on the life and times of mob hitman Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran which was featured in the book I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran and the Inside Story of the Mafia, the Teamsters, and the Final Ride of Jimmy Hoffa by Charles Brandt.

According to Deadline, Scorsese and De Niro have been working together on this project and they want both Pacino and Pesci. Steve Zaillian wrote the script.

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Get Ready to Sing-Along with "Beauty and the Beast!" Come On, You Can Sing "Be Our Guest!" 

What's up with sing-along re-releases lately? Apparently, the "Grease" sing-along gave Paramount a little dough, now, Disney wants to sing the same tune for its animated musical feature "Beauty and the Beast."

Disney is teaming up with National CineMedia's Fathom for this HD 2D restoration of "Beauty."

So before the planned re-release of "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D (I know right? Disney is milking "Beauty" a lot!) in 2012, you can sing-along with Belle and the gang on Sept. 29 and/or Oct. 2. This is a limited release so check your local theaters. Or you can wait for the DVD version, but don't you want to see "Beauty and the Beast" on the big screen again?

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Demi Moore, Thomas Haden Church, and Kate Bosworth are "The Reasonable Bunch!" 

Fresh from starring in "The Joneses," Demi Moore is set to star in another family dramedy, this time, she's bringing along Thomas Haden Church and Kate Bosworth with her.

The trio will appear in "The Reasonable Bunch" along with Ellen Barkin and Ellen Burstyn. It's one of those wedding dramedies where all hell breaks loose thanks to fighting exes and relatives.

"The Reasonable Bunch" will start shooting later this month in New York, and Barry Levinson's son, Sam, will direct.

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Matthew McConaughey to Kill for Emile Hirsch 

Matthew McConaughey and Emile Hirsch are set to star in black comedy "Killer Joe" for director William Friedkin. The script is written by Pulitzer and Tony winner Tracy Letts. McConaughey will play the title role of a contract killer who Hirsch and his sister hired to murder their mother for insurance money.

"Killer Joe" will start shooting in and around New Orleans first part of November.

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