Paramount Pictures Made Us Spend Money Last Summer! 

Paramount Pictures released hits such as "Iron Man 2" and "Shrek Forever After" making the studio the No. 1 distributor during summer of 2010. But 20th Century Fox? Not so much. Take a look at all the studios' ranking:

1. Paramount Pictures -- $778 million -- thanks to Iron Man and our favorite jolly green ogre, Paramount had a great summer!

2. Sony Pictures -- $680 million -- Making a huge leap from being No. 5 last year, Sony was helped by "Karate Kid," "Grown Ups," "Salt," and "The Other Guys," and late summer releases "Eat Pray Love," and "Takers."

3. Walt Disney Pictures -- $615 million -- Even though the studio released two Jerry Bruckheimer bombs ("Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"), the house of Mouse received much-needed help from Pixar with "Toy Story 3," the highest-grossing animated flick!

4. Warner Bros. -- $522 million -- It was the No. 1 studio last year thanks to hits like "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and "The Hangover," but it fell to No. 4 because of less popular releases this summer. Sure, the studio was hurt by the under-performing "Sex and the City 2" ($95.3 million) and "Jonah Hex" ($10.5 million), but they can thank Christopher Nolan and his "Inception" for making $278.5 million and counting.

5. Universal -- $500 million -- Thanks to "Despicable Me's" $242 million box-office total, Universal avoided the last spot on the list, even though "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," and "Get Him to the Greek" underperformed.

6. 20th Century Fox -- $379 million -- the studio fell from No. 3 last year to No. 6 this year releasing under-performing titles like "The A-Team" and Knight and Day."


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Jan de Bont to Explore "Mulan" 

"Speed" director, Jan de Bont, is set to direct "Mulan!" No, this one is not a remake of the Disney movie although both were inspired by the popular Chinese folklore.

Zhang Ziyi will star in the title role and this one will be an English-language, $35 million live-action version according to Variety.

Production will start shooting in November in Hangdian Studios in Zhejiang province, and post-production will be in Canada. John Blickstead wrote the original script, but five writers were hired to ensure the project's popularity in both Asia and the New World :happy

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Meet James Franco the Documentarian 

James Franco is getting major awards buzz for his portrayal of Aron Ralston in the new Danny Boyle flick "127 hours," but the actor can now add documentarian to his multi-hyphenated title.

Franco's documentary that follows a week in the making of an episode of "Saturday Night Live" has just been acquired by Oscilloscope Laboratories according to Deadline. The episode featured is the one hosted by John Malkovich.

Apparently, Oscilloscope is one of the coolest companies in the film industry, and their chief is no other than Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. When asked to comment, Yauch said, "SNL is my mother fuckin' shit, and James is my mother fuckin' man."

And this film, set for release early next year, is one mother effin great idea!

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Get Ready for Ronald Reagan the Movie! 

The life story of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan is getting a big screen treatment and it's getting a healthy $30 million budget to boot!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be called "Reagan" and will be released late next year. This one will be based on two best-selling Reagan biographies by Paul Kengor namely "The Crusader" and "God and Ronald Reagan."

Jonas McCord ("Malice," "The Body") wrote the script and Mark Joseph ("Ray," "Holes," "Because of Winn-Dixie," "The Passion of the Christ") is co-producing with Ralph Winter ("X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" films).

Joseph and company are adamant that this film version will be sharply different from the failed Reagan 2003 miniseries starring James Brolin as the 40th U.S. President. If that one was critical of Reagan's accomplishments, the film version will be more about his life -- from boyhood to Hollywood to leader of the free world.

Right now, there are no actors or director attached to the project. Who should play Ronald Reagan?

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Goodbye Angelina Jolie, Hello Natalie Portman? Actress Set For "Gravity"  

Natalie Portman's performance in the upcoming "Black Swan" (due out in theaters Dec. 1) from director Darren Aronofsky is being praised within the festival circuit. Now, Warner Bros. pretty much offered her the "Gravity" role that Angelina Jolie pulled out of recently according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Gravity" is being described as an epic survival story and will be directed by Alfonso Cuaron. The director co-wrote the script with his son Jonas. This $80 million 3D survival story has the "no man is an island" theme similar to "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks. So, majority of the screen time will showcase Portman, although Robert Downey Jr. signed up for a supporting role.

THR also reported that WB offered the part to Portman without requiring any screen test. The actress is expected to read the latest draft of the script and will make her decision very shortly. Portman beat out potential leads Scarlett Johannson and Blake Lively.

"Gravity" is expected to go on production in January 2011.

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