“Sully” Continues to Soar, Beats “Bridget Jones,” “Blair Witch,” “Snowden” 

It was a horrible weekend at the box-office. According to Deadline, at $89M, the weekend of 9/16-18 was the worst this year. Prior to that, the weekend of 2/5-7 was the lowest with $95M.

But, Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks made Warner Bros. happy with “Sully” dominating the competition with $22 million. So far, the biopic has made $70.5M at the box-office.

Lionsgate’s “Blair Witch” on the other hand, failed miserably. Projected to make between $15-$20M this weekend, the threequel managed to eke out a mere $9.7M at the box-office landing at Number 2. And with a horrible CinemaScore of D+, we can say the film is dead on arrival. What happened? I thought the movie, which was over-buzzed beginning with its secret Comic-Con screening and ending at the Toronto International Film Festival, was good enough, certainly better than the sequel “The Book of Shadows.” But alas, audiences seemed to not care.

Also underperforming was “Bridget Jones’ Baby” at Number 3 with $8.2M. I thought the movie was funny and buoyant with Renee Zellweger front and center. But don’t cry for Zellweger and company, the threequel made almost $30M at the international box-office. With a budget of $35M, Universal will be able to recoup its investment in no time.

Don’t cry for Oliver Stone and “Snowden” either according to its studio Open Road Films. Debuting at Number 4 with $8M (projected to make $10M), the biopic starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley received a high CinemaScore grade of A so it has legs leading up to the award season.

Here’s the Top 10 box-office films in North America for weekend of 9/16-18:

1. Sully - $22 million
2. Blair Witch - $9.7 million
3. Bridget Jones’s Baby - $8.2 million
4. Snowden - $8 million
5. Don’t Breathe - $5.6 million
6. When the Bough Breaks - $5.5 million
7. Suicide Squad - $4.7 million
8. The Wild Life - $2.7 million
9. Kubo and the Two Strings - $2.5 million
10. Pete’s Dragon - $2 million

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What I think of "Snowden" 

Oliver Stone returns with the biographical political thriller “Snowden.” Featuring a stellar cast headed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, the film asks the question – is Snowden a hero or a traitor? Take a look at my movie review of “Snowden.”

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Raw: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview for “Snowden” 

I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You can see the passion coming out of his pores! He’s passionate to make not only good movies but films that have something to say! And Gordon-Levitt has a lot to say about Snowden the man, and why he thinks the movie is important! Check out my interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for “Snowden.”

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Raw: Director Oliver Stone Talks About “Snowden” 

It was truly an honor interviewing Oliver Stone! It was my first time to talk to the director, one of the greatest American storytellers of our time. We talked about making the movie, the NSA, and what he thinks of my home country, the Philippines, where he shot two of his most iconic works, “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July.”

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Raw: Shailene Woodley Talks About “Snowden” 

I just love, love, love Shailene Woodley! She gave me a great big hug as I entered the interview room, and she was very passionate about making the movie! Take a look at our interview where we talked about her interest in the film, her character (the real-life girlfriend of Edward Snowden, Lindsay Mills), and why she loves working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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