BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Ben Stiller & Austin Abrams 

Ben Stiller shines as a husband and father (Brad Sloan) envious of his college friends’ social status. His anxiety escalates when he takes his son, Troy Sloan (Austin Abrams), to tour colleges in the East Coast. The film works greatly because of the actors’ palpable chemistry.

I sat down with Stiller and Adams and it was so sweet to witness their chemistry in real life! Watch “Brad’s Status” which will open in more theaters in the coming weeks from Amazon Studios and Annapurna Pictures.

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BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Jenna Fischer 

I adore Jenna Fischer! She’s just plain sweet and fun! I interviewed the actress at the Toronto International Film Festival for Mike White’s “Brad’s Status” and as soon as I walked into the room, she stood up and said, “I know him!” Awwwwww. I interviewed the actress once before for “Hall Pass” and I guess I’m just so memorable HA!

In “Brad’s Status,” Fischer plays Ben Stiller’s character’s wife and she serves as the heart of the film. Take a look at how the actress campaigned for the part!

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BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Luke Wilson 

I love Luke Wilson! He’s a gentlemen (he picked my notes that fell on the floor, awwwww), and a great interviewee. In Mike White’s “Brad’s Status,” Wilson is Jason Hatfield, one of Ben Stiller’s character’s college friends and a source of his envy. I sat down with the actor at the Toronto International Film Festival where he revealed more about the making of the movie.

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BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Writer/Director Mike White 

I enjoyed talking to writer/director Mike White! I’ve been a major fan since “Chuck and Buck,” and of course, his sweet relationship with his dad as shown on the “Amazing Race.” Speaking of his relationship with his dad, White wrote and directed “Brad’s Status” for his father. Check out more of his revelations in this fun interview.

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"Mother!" Movie Review 

Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” visits theaters near you but should you love this film? All I can say is you’ll either love or hate it! See my “mother!” movie review.

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