“Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Eddie Izzard 

Eddie Izzard is barely recognizable in his role as Bertie, Prince of Wales aka King Edward VII in Stephen Frears’ “Victoria and Abdul.” The actor put on twelve stones (168 pounds) for the role, yet you can feel every bit of empathy and hatred coming out of his pores. A fine performance coupled with a really genuine human being! Check out my interview with Eddie Izzard for “Victoria and Abdul.”

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“Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Ali Fazal  

Meet Mr. Abdul himself, Ali Fazal. The actor is much like his screen persona, they’re both bright-eyed, full of wonderment and joie de vivre! Fazal is both giddy and humble to share on-screen moments with the great Judi Dench. Check out my interview with the actor for “Victoria and Abdul.”

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“Victoria and Abdul” Interview: Director Stephen Frears 

I adore Stephen Frears! From “My Beautiful Laundrette” to “Victoria and Abdul,” Frears truly is a great storyteller and a prolific director. I sat down with the director at TIFF for this one-on-one interview on the making of “Victoria and Abdul.”

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Movie Reviews: “The Lego Ninjago Movie” & “Brad’s Status” 

It’s Lego versus Ben Stiller versus a slew of other new releases this weekend. First, we have “The Lego Ninjago Movie” but is it better than the other Lego films? What about Stiller’s new dramedy from writer/director Mike White who made us laugh with “School of Rock” and fall in love with Jennifer Aniston in “The Good Girl?” See which one is my pick of the week!

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BRAD’S STATUS Interview: Ben Stiller & Austin Abrams 

Ben Stiller shines as a husband and father (Brad Sloan) envious of his college friends’ social status. His anxiety escalates when he takes his son, Troy Sloan (Austin Abrams), to tour colleges in the East Coast. The film works greatly because of the actors’ palpable chemistry.

I sat down with Stiller and Adams and it was so sweet to witness their chemistry in real life! Watch “Brad’s Status” which will open in more theaters in the coming weeks from Amazon Studios and Annapurna Pictures.

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