Happy Halloween!!! Watch My Top 13 Scary Flicks!!! 

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Watch "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and "Changeling" Movie Reviews 
Angelina Jolie versus a bunch of folks wanting to make a porno, which one is better? Take a look at my movie reviews!

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"Milk" World Premiere PLUS Ask Sean Penn Your "Milk" Questions!!! 

More than 1,400 folks greeted the San Francisco world premiere of "Milk" with chants like "Unfair and wrong, no on eight," and "Love is great, no on eight." The real Harvey Milk would have been proud.

The film is about the first openly gay elected official who was slain 30 years ago. Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk, and he's getting major Oscar buzz!

I'm so excited to see this film, if you guys haven't seen the documentary "The Life and Times of Harvey Milk" go watch it as a primer for this Gus Van Sant-directed flick!

Oh, and you know why I'm excited and happy? I just got invited by Focus Features to interview the cast headed by Mister Penn himself, yay! :happy

So, if you want to ask Penn some questions, leave them in the comment section of this story, or click Contact Me on the left-hand side, or email me at manny@mannythemovieguy.com

Get your questions in before Nov. 7th!

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Is Joaquin Phoenix Done with Acting? 

Is the twice Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix done with acting? Why is he saying things like this?

"This will be my last performance as an actor. I'm not doing films anymore... I've been through that. I've done it... I'm dead serious."

Apparently, Phoenix revealed to E! Online that "Two Lovers," his upcoming romantic drama with Gwyneth Paltrow will be his final on-screen role!

He is supposed to be giving up acting to pursue music.

Aw, please don't go Mister Joaquin. I think you can contribute more to the acting world than the music world, at least for now.

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Who Would You Take to the Movies? McCain or Obama? 

That's a good question. Who would you take to the movies? McCain or Obama?

In the spirit of the upcoming election, popular mobile website 43KIX.com sent the text message poll to more than 35,000 moviegoers from large cities to small towns with all ages weighing in.

Now, just a few days before the national polls open, tens of thousands of texting moviegoers have spoken!

And the winner, garnering 83% is.....SARAH PALIN! Just kidding :happy

Click read more to see who won this poll! Who would you take to see, oh, I don't know, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" maybe?

Click read more now :happy

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