How to Adapt Stage Plays for the Big Screen 

"Frost/Nixon" is getting major Oscar buzz! Frank Langella, who plays Richard Nixon, is being talked about for acting kudos.

"Doubt" is another one! The great Meryl Streep co-stars with Amy Adams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in this gripping tale about a priest, who may or may not have raped a young, African American boy.

Both projects are award-winning Broadway plays, but the question remains: How do you successfully adapt a stage play for the big screen?

Many veteran playwrights are saying, it's a rocky road! Take a look!

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Ryan Gosling to be the "Green Lantern?" YIPEEE!!! 

Rumors abound as to who will play the Green Lantern, WB's latest superhero project slated to open 2010.

Many names were mentioned such as Seth Green, Justin Long, and David Boreanaz.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that Ryan Gosling is the choice by the studio!


I like Mister Ryan, he deserved all the kudos he received from "Lars and the Real Girl" and "Half Nelson."

So read the full story broke by our friends from Latino Review.

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Watch My "The Express" Movie Review and Interview Snippets 

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Movie Marathon Madness! Can You Watch 57 Films in 123 Hours and 10 Minutes? 

Is that why these folks look pale? They've been cooped up inside an open room, David Blaine style, in the middle of Times Square so folks can cheer them on!

Suresh Joachim from Canada and Claudia Wavra from Germany watched 57 movies in 5 days! Can you beat that?

Their shenanigans are for the inaugural Netflix Movie Watching World Championship which began with 8 challengers but narrowed to the final two after three days.

The pair took home a share of the $10,000 grand prize along with a lifetime subscription to the online movie rental company Netflix.

Some celebrities stopped by including Richard Simmons and Susan Sarandon who dropped off their final film, "Thelma and Louise."

What other films did they see? Click here to find out!

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"The Express" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Does Dennis Quaid Get? 

“The Express” tells the gripping true-to-life tale of Ernie Davis. He’s the first African-American who won the Heisman Trophy, college football’s highest individual honor. At a glance, you may think “The Express” is just another football film, but what sets this movie apart is its resonant theme of courage and hope amidst racism. Read More...

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