Remember their Names! "Fame's" Cast Announced! 

As we reported back in August, "Fame" is being remade! Now we have a cast!

Sorry, but there's no mention of Irene Cara anywhere :sad

But this whole new cast may be good. Click here to read more!

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Eric Bana's Heist Thriller 

What is Eric Bana going to do after he plays the villain in the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Trek?" A heist drama adapted from the 2004 French film, "Le Convoyeur."

F. Gary Gray is assigned to direct the film, not titled "Armored." The story follows a man who takes a job for an armored car company and ingratiates himself with his co-workers, who trust him enough to make him part of their heist plans. But that man had his own motives for taking the job.

Tan dan dan...

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Guillermo Del Toro to Produce Thriller 

Yes, the wonderful Guillermo Del Toro is attached to produce "Hater" based on the book by David Moody. The script is written by Glen Mazzara and it's a thriller about an epidemic of violence brought on by ordinary people.

Who is attached to direct? "The Orphanage's" Juan Antonio Bayona, making his English-language debut!

According to Variety, the film is set in the U.S., and while exteriors will be shot locally when the film gets under way next year, Johnson hopes to shoot the interiors in Spain.

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What's Going On With the Latest "Superman" Film? 

Apparently a lot! See why it all depends on "The Dark Knight's" Chris Nolan! Click here to read more!

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How to Adapt Stage Plays for the Big Screen 

"Frost/Nixon" is getting major Oscar buzz! Frank Langella, who plays Richard Nixon, is being talked about for acting kudos.

"Doubt" is another one! The great Meryl Streep co-stars with Amy Adams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in this gripping tale about a priest, who may or may not have raped a young, African American boy.

Both projects are award-winning Broadway plays, but the question remains: How do you successfully adapt a stage play for the big screen?

Many veteran playwrights are saying, it's a rocky road! Take a look!

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