R.I.P.: Mr. Blackwell Dies at 86 

Mr. Blackwell, the cranky fashion critic who was famous for his annual list of Hollywood's worst dressed, has died. He was 86.

Long before Joan Rivers, Mr. Blackwell was the first to take Hollywood's reigning stars to task for not dressing the way they should be. He was famous for his acerbic one-liners, such as:

Madonna: "The Bare-Bottomed Bore of Babylon."

Take a look at this article for more famous Blackwell-ian quotes, and watch this video for an introspective look on the life and times of Mr. Blackwell.

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Coming Soon on My Lovely Movie Blog! 

My review and interviews with the cast (Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, and Craig Robinson) and director Kevin Smith of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno."


My review and interviews with the cast (Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Leal, Afion Crockett, Adam Herschman) and director Malcolm Lee of "Soul Men" -- the last flick to star Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.


My review and interviews with the cast (Sean William Scott, Jane Lynch) and director David Wain of the super-funny film, "Role Models."

Oh yeah, let's not forget "High School Musical 3: Senior Year." No, I wasn't one of the very few journalists invited to interview these folks, but I did spend my weekend, watching all the R rated flicks above, and the super-saccharine G rated film known as "H.S.M.3: Senior Year."

That was my fun-filled weekend, and they will be all shared to you, lovely readers, very, very soon!

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"Max Payne" Grabs Box-Office Joystick 

There were two new films centered on two very different men. One had a misguided president as a protagonist, and the other had a man out for revenge as its hero. It was "W" versus "Max Payne" at the box office, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, which one came out on top.

"Max Payne" starring Mark Wahlberg and based on the popular videogame debuted with $18 million, landing at the top spot! "W," starring Josh Brolin as President George W. Bush exceeded studio expectations, and debuted at No. 4 with $10.6 million. It will not take a long time for the biopic to recoup its modest $25 million budget.

Previous No. 1 film, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," fell to No. 2 with $11.2 million. The doggie-flick was on the top spot for two weeks in a row until the Wahlberg movie inflicted pain on the Disney film.

Another new movie to open, "The Secret Life of Bees," raked in $11.1 million bucks to debut at No. 3.

Click Read More to see the complete list of the Top 10 Box-Office films for weekend of Oct. 17th: Read More...

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Foreign-Language Film Entries 

67 countries submitted their entries to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the 2009 best foreign-language film Oscar! That's a record y'all. Out of those 67 entries, only 5 will be chosen, and that will be revealed on January 22nd when the nominations for the 81st Annual Academy Awards will be announced.

The awards will be presented on Oscar night, Feb. 22nd. For now, see which countries are one of the hopefuls for the Best Foreign-Film category. Click Read More...

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Why You Have to See "Role Models" in November 

Just got back from a screening of "Role Models" and oh my gosh, IT'S FREAKING FUNNY!

For a movie that has a lot of sexual innuendos and the script has numerous cuss words (yes, kids do a lot of swearing in this flick), "Role Models" HAS A GIANT HEART!

Audience members walked out with smiling faces :happy

I'll write my full review very soon, and I'll post my interviews as well.

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