"High School Musical 3" Sings On Top Box-Office Heap 

It was good versus evil at the box office with a face-off between "High School Musical 3" and "Saw 5." Or girls versus boys, or musical fans versus horror buffs.

But the hoofing boys and girls in "HSM3" triumphed over Jigsaw! "High School Musical 3" made $42 million sending "Saw 5" to No. 2 with an opening take of $30.5 million.

Honestly, that number for "Saw 5" is waaaay high for a horror movie, and a fifth installment to boot! People like the "Saw" films, and truth be told, I gave up after the second.

Lionsgate refused to show the subsequent films to critics, fearing negative publicity will hurt their franchise. Who are they kidding?

The weekend's other box-office story is "Pride and Glory" and more proof that A-list stars can't save a film. "Body of Lies" with the "can't fail" team of Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe did not succeed at the box-office, and the same can be said for "Pride and Glory."

And it's a shame, 'cause these films, while not perfect, are worth your time.

Meanwhile, last weekend's No. 1 flick, "May Payne" fell to third place with $7.6 million. Can Hollywood create a good film based on a videogame? The jury's still out!

The good news? Clint Eastwood's "Changeling," starring Angelina Jolie got off to a healthy start with $502,000 in limited release.

It played in 15 theaters to average a strong $33,441 a cinema, compared to $11,593 in 3,623 theaters for "High School Musical 3."

Take that "HSM3" kids :wink

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Jennifer Hudson's Relatives Found Dead 


According to MSNBC, Two people found dead Friday at a home on Chicago’s South Side are believed to be a relatives of Jennifer Hudson, and police issued an Amber Alert for a child who might also be related to the singer and Oscar-winning actress.

Yikes! I don't normally put stories like this on my website, but this is just horrible :sad

If you want to read the complete story, click here.

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Watch My "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" Movie Review!!!  

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Clint Eastwood Explains "Gran Torino" 

Mister Clint hasn't been in front of the cameras since "Million Dollar Baby." Four years later, he's acting again in "Gran Torino."

Oh yeah, he's directing this flick too!

Eastwood has a great Oscar track record, that many are saying "Gran Torino" is a sure-fire Oscar powerhouse! And if you guys haven't seen "Changeling" yet, go watch it!

For now, read the full "Gran Torino" extravaganza, right here.

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