My Top 13 Modern Scary Films! Did Your Favorite Make My List? 

It's Halloween season again, time for my my annual spooky-related list. Last year, I gave you the best of the best (See Top 13 Scary Flicks of All Time), now, I'm choosing the Top 13 Modern Scary Films (pretty much horror movies from the last decade).

I'm a horror buff so it's hard to choose, but the films that didn't make it to my Top 13 were put in my Runners-up category.

So, here it is, The Top 13 Modern Scary Films. Did your favorite appear on my list? Read More...

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How Exactly Did Liam Neeson Nab His "Hangover 2" Cameo?  

Everyone's buzzing about how Liam Neeson replaced Mel Gibson for a cameo in "The Hangover 2." Gibson was unceremoniously dumped due to protests from cast and crew.

So how did Neeson get the part? All hail Bradley Cooper!

Apparently, Neeson and Cooper became fast friends while making "The A-Team" for Fox. So when Gibson was ousted, Neeson was brought in and was glad to help.

And this was not the first time Neeson came in to help. The actor also replaced Cooper in "The Grey," an Alaskan oil drilling adventure that initially had Cooper in the lead role for their "A-Team" director Joe Carnahan. But he had to leave because of scheduling conflicts so Neeson came in again to help.

That Neeson is such a Boy Scout!

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Is Robert Downey Jr. Leaving Sandra Bullock in "Gravity?" 

First, it was Angelina Jolie who left Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity." Sandra Bullock stepped in to co-star with Robert Downey Jr. in this sci-fi tale of a woman survivor left out in the space. (Click here for more on "Gravity")
Now Downey Jr may leave production because of scheduling problems! Here's what Deadline reported:

I'm hearing scheduling problems have made Robert Downey Jr. suddenly doubtful for Gravity, the Alfonso Cuaron-directed Warner Bros space film that weathered a bunch of setbacks before finding its footing when it landed Sandra Bullock for the lead female role. Now, Warner Bros is denying Downey will exit, despite what I'm hearing. The studio is saying they expect to work out the scheduling problems, and executives certainly have access to Downey at the moment because he's junketing the Todd Phillips-directed Due Date. I'm also hearing that Bullock is among those lobbying him to stay. A Downey exit is a blow: just wait until you see what he brings to Due Date. But it's not necessarily fatal, because he was playing a supporting part.

But still, the tandem of Bullock and Downey Jr. may be fun to watch!

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Mark Wahlberg's Best Bud is a Teddy Bear in Seth MacFarlane's Directorial Debut 

Mark Wahlberg is in talks to star in a buddy comedy to be directed by "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane according to Deadline. Yes, this one's a buddy comedy BUT it's about a guy and his life-size, walking-talking teddy bear!


This one will be an R-rated directorial debut of MacFarlane and will be released by Universal Pictures.

MacFarlane will also voice the bear. Aw :happy

The script is co-written by MacFarlane with his "Family Guy" buddies Alec Sulin and Wellesley Wild and features Wahlberg as an average Boston guy whose best friend is his teddy bear. He wished for it to come alive when he was a little boy, and they've been friends ever since. Until, Wahlberg's character meets the girl of his dreams.

This sounds intriguing and very promising!

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"Yellow Submarine" Remake Still Afloat! Or Is That Sinking? 

Director Robert Zemeckis revealed that the "Yellow Submarine" remake is still on! During the "Back to the Future" 25th Anniversary celebration, Moviefone caught up with the director and he said the film was "all ahead full" but wouldn't give any other details.

The psychedelic 1968 animated flick was based on the music by the Beatles and told the story of Old Fred who meets up with the quartet and travels in a yellow submarine to Pepperland. The big bad? The Blue Meanies -- I'm wondering who will play them?

The new Walt Disney remake will feature Dean Lennox Kelly as John Lennon, Adam Campbell as Ringo Starr, Peter Serafinowicz as Paul McCartney, and Cary Elwes will be George Harrison.

The film is supposed to be released in 2012.

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