Kate Winslet Talks About “Steve Jobs” 

I’ve been a longtime fan of Kate Winslet so it was an honor to finally meet the Oscar-winning actress! I’ve loved her since 1994’s “Heavenly Creatures!” In “Steve Jobs,” Winslet disappears into the role of Joanna Hoffman, Apple’s head of marketing and Jobs’ confidante. In this interview, we talked about the movie about a genius made by geniuses, working with Michael Fassbender, scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin, and director Danny Boyle. We also talked about the three-act structure of the movie, letting go of the character after shooting ended, and her character of Joanna Hoffman. Oh, and one more thing, what is her favorite Apple product?

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Seth Rogen Interview for “Steve Jobs” 

Seth Rogen tests his dramatic skills playing Steve Wozniak in “Steve Jobs,” and you know what? He succeeded! He gets into the layers of Wozniak or Woz as he bears what’s known as Woz’s Crucifix – making Jobs give him and the Apple II development team credit for saving the computer company.

In this interview, we talked about his interest in making the film, what he thinks of Aaron Sorkin’s script, the film is simplistically beautiful, the line “I’m tired of being Ringo when everyone knows I’m John,” the other line about genius and kindness as being binaries, and his favorite Apple product.

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Jeff Daniels Interview for “Steve Jobs” 

It was such an honor to meet Jeff Daniels, and this awards season, he’s in both “The Martian” and “Steve Jobs.” In the biopic about the Apple genius, Daniels plays the role of John Sculley, a former CEO of Apple and infamously known as the man who fired Steve Jobs. There’s a lot of layers in the relationship between Jobs and Sculley that the movie revealed.

In this interview, Daniels talked about his attraction to making the movie, working with Aaron Sorkin again after their fantastic “The Newsroom,” the actors chose not to impersonate the real-life characters, meeting the real-life Sculley, his takeaway of Steve Jobs the human being, his new album “Days Like These,” and his favorite Apple product!

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Katherine Waterston Interview for “Steve Jobs” 

Katherine Waterston is refreshingly honest! When I sat down with her for this interview, she revealed that she hasn’t seen “Steve Jobs” yet! Boy, is she in for a treat! The film is simply…brilliant! Waterston plays the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Jobs named Chrisann Brennan. She is also the mother of Jobs’ daughter Lisa.

In this interview, we talked about her initial reaction to reading Aaron Sorkin’s script, her main attraction to making the film, how she researched the role, and working with Michael Fassbender who stars as Steve Jobs.

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Michael Stuhlbarg Interview for “Steve Jobs” 

Michael Stuhlbarg stars as Andy Hertzfeld in the new film “Steve Jobs.” Hertzfeld is a member of the original Apple Macintosh development team. The actor met with his real-life counterpart and he shared his experience in this one-on-one interview. He also revealed his initial reaction to Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay, why the film is like a beautiful concerto, Hertzfeld’s joie de vivre, and what is his favorite Apple product?

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