Original "The Ring" Director to Hear "Voice From the Stone" 

Hideo Nakata is set to direct the supernatural thriller "Voice From the Stone." Nakata directed the original Japanese version of "The Ring" ("Ringu") and the English sequel "The Ring Two" starring Naomi Watts.

Mark Wheaton ("The Messengers," "Friday the 13th") has written the screenplay based on an Italian novel of the same name. The story revolves around a female child psychologist who takes on the case of a young boy who made a promise to his dying mother. The promise? He will remain silent until her spirit returns. Tan dan dan...

Nakata is the perfect choice to helm this project. "Voice From the Stone" has a strong female character and a perturbed young boy at its core, much like "The Ring" films with Watts' Rachel protecting her young son Aidan (David Dorfman).

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65 Countries Fight for Best Foreign Language Oscar Nomination 

From Albania to Vietnam, 65 countries are hoping that their film entries will get picked to fill one of the five slots for Best Foreign Language Film for the 82nd annual Academy Awards.

Five slots, 65 countries, the competition is fierce! Our friends from Variety gave us this list, is your country of choice one of the 65 hopefuls?

I'm happy that my home country, the Philippines, has a fighting chance with the dramedy "Ded na si Lolo" ("Grandpa is Dead"). Take a look at the complete list. Read More...

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Bradley Cooper Wants a Drug to Make Him Rich and Powerful! 

That's only in the movies of course, Bradley Cooper doesn't need a drug to make him rich and powerful anymore. "The Hangover" star will be working on the suspense thriller "Dark Fields."

Neil Burger, the director who gave us "The Illusionist" (a criminally ignored film, if you haven't seen it yet, go rent it or buy it, it's brilliant!) is set to helm.

According to Variety, the plot is about "a designer drug that can make you rich and powerful. Eddie (Cooper) is a down-and-out New York writer until he possesses a pill that gives him the ability to access the full capacity of his brain. He soon realizes that his newfound intelligence and success come at a hefty price as mysterious forces begin to pursue him."

Leslie Dixon ("Hairspray") wrote the screenplay based on a novel by Alan Glynn. The film is set to shoot late spring of next year.


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Timberlake, Aykroyd, Faris in Talks for "Yogi Bear" 

"Yogi Bear" is set to delight moviegoers and he wants to bring Anna Faris, Dan Aykroyd, and Justin Timberlake along with him.

Warner Bros. is rebooting the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon with a full feature film. All the actors are in negotiations right now to star in the live-action/CG hybrid for director Eric Brevig ("Journey to the Center of the Earth).

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that, "Faris will play a nature documentarian who follows the antics of a bear in fictional Jellystone Park. Aykroyd will voice Yogi, and Timberlake could end up lending his pipes for Yogi's constant companion, Boo Boo."

Joshua Sternin and Jeff Ventimilia wrote the original script and Brad Copeland did the rewrites and the current version of the screenplay. The studio is hoping to start production in New Zealand in December.

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"The Evil Dead" to Be Shown in Theaters Again! 

Almost 30 years after its original premiere, "The Evil Dead" will rise again.

Writer-director Sam Raimi's masterpiece starring the memorable Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. So this news from Paste Magazine is truly a delicious treat!

I've only seen "The Evil Dead" in its VHS and DVD formats, so I'm looking forward to watching this fantasy-horror-thriller extravaganza on the big screen.

Paste Magazine tells us:

In 2010, the creators and Grindhouse Pictures will offer midnight showings of the cult classic at select Landmark theaters in the U.S., Mayfair Cinema in Canada, and more venues will be announced after the first of the year.

The always unconventional Campbell has this to say about the release: “Nothing can prepare an audience for what they are about to see, because nothing punishes an audience like Evil Dead — especially on the big screen. I’m really glad it’s back. People are gonna be hurt.”

"The Evil Dead" premiered in Detroit on Oct. 15th, 1981, soon after, the $375,000 film made $2.4 million at the box-office and achieved a cult status.

Count me in to buy tickets for this re-release. Now, if they can also do the same thing with "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn," I'll be one happy camper.

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