Robert Pattinson Reveals "Breaking Dawn" Plans! 

It's a mystery. When is the fourth "Twilight" installment going to go into production? We all know about the third one, "Eclipse," but not a word about "Breaking Dawn."

(For all "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" news, click here)

Well, it's not a mystery no more, at least for now.

Our friends at Collider spoke to Robert Pattinson about "Breaking Dawn" and he said:

"I think the tentative time for “Breaking Dawn” is fall next year. They may well change that.”

Change as in, the last film may take the "Harry Potter" route and get divided into two films? Then, production will definitely change!

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Winona Ryder Joins "Black Swan" Cast for Director Darren Aronofsky 

I'm getting really excited about this supernatural project called "Black Swan." First, I respect Darren Aronofsky as a director. He made Mickey Rourke ("The Wrestler") cool again!

Second, the paranormal angle is intriguing. The film is set in the world of New York City ballet about a ballerina (Natalie Portman) who's competing with a rival dancer. But is the rival a ghost or is Portman's character just having a mental breakdown? Mila Kunis is set to star as Lilly, the mysterious rival dancer.

Now, Winona Ryder is joining the cast as a rival dancer. Barbara Hershey and Vincent Cassel complete the cast.

Fox Searchlight is very close into co-financing and distributing the film which was written by Mark Heyman based on an original screenplay by Andres Heinz.

Production is set to start in New York before the end of the year, and the budget is reported to be between $10 million - $12 million.

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"Sgt. Rock" Moving Into the Future for Director Francis Lawrence 

"Sgt. Rock" based on the DC Comics World War II hero is finally being adapted for the big screen by director Francis Lawrence and scriptwriter Chad St. John.

The caveat? It's now set in the future.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that producer Joel Silver has been trying to get this film made for nearly 20 years. And now, it seems, the project is moving forward.

Sgt. Rock, a leader of his infantry unit, Easy Company, first appeared in a 1959 issue of "Our Army at War." Then in 1977, the comic was renamed "Sgt. Rock" and ran until 1988.

Warner Bros. is hoping that by setting the film into the future, the project will become marketable.

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More Problems for "The Wolfman!" Composer Danny Elfman Has Left Production! 

What's going on with Universal's "The Wolfman?" First, it was the problematic release date. First, the Benicio Del Toro-starrer was supposed to be released Feb. 13 of this year, then was moved to April 3, and then Nov. 6. Finally, the film is supposed to howl into theaters Feb. 12 of next year. (See "What? "The Wolfman" Moved Again? See What Else Universal is Changing")

Now, we're learning that composer Danny Elfman has exited the project! Cinemusic is reporting that, "There were rumblings deep in the Elfman fan community… And it looks like those rumblings are now mumblings — Danny Elfman has left The Wolf Man, apparently due to scheduling conflicts. But if you believe rumors, it’s due to problems with the film."

I'm tired of this film already and it's not even out yet!

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"Disney's A Christmas Carol" Receives Christmas Present at Box Office! See Complete Top 10 Weekend Box Office List 

Moviegoers brought holiday cheer to "Disney's A Christmas Carol." The Robert Zemeckis 3D animated flick took in $31 million to open at the no. 1 spot this weekend.

Scrooge knocked over the King of Pop out of the top spot as "Michael Jackson's This Is It" fell to no. 2 with $14 million.

Taking the no. 3 spot was "The Men Who Stare at Goats." It's a farcical film about a military unit exploring the possibilities of using paranormal abilities for war. The film, starring George Clooney, took in $13.3 million.

Universal's "The Fourth Kind" with Milla Jovovich debuted at no. 4 with $12.5 million. The other new release, "The Box," starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, opened at No. 6 with $7.9 million.

Meanwhile, the fantastic drama "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" was off to a great start! The film, executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, took in $1.8 million in just 18 theaters and in only four cities -- New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago -- averaging an astounding $100,000 per cinema.

"Precious" expands this Friday to five more -- Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Dallas and Houston. Lionsgate plans to open the film in wide release Nov. 20.

Here's a list of the top 10 box office films for weekend of Nov. 6th:

1. "A Christmas Carol," $31 million.

2. "Michael Jackson's This Is It," $14 million.

3. "The Men Who Stare at Goats," $13.3 million.

4. "The Fourth Kind," $12.5 million.

5. "Paranormal Activity," $8.6 million.

6. "The Box," $7.9 million.

7. "Couples Retreat," $6.4 million.

8. "Law Abiding Citizen," $6.2 million.

9. "Where the Wild Things Are," $4.2 million.

10. "Astro Boy," $2.6 million.

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