Are You Excited for "Leatherface 3D?" 

According to Bloody Disgusting, producer Mark Burg will be joining Carl Mazzocone in bringing "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" back to theaters. Only this time, it will be more about Leatherface and it's, surprise, surprise, in 3D!

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures are teaming up and putting the final touches on the script written by Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcus. This one is a true sequel where the plot picks up right after the Tobe Hooper original. But as Bloody Disgusting revealed, the film will also flash forward to 35 years and there's supposed to be a "cult" of some sort. Hhmmm, a cult vs. Leatherface? Sounds intriguing!

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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants to Make the Best Serial Killer Movie Ever! 

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to take on roles that require less of his pretty boy looks and more of his thespian skills. Now, the actor wants to play America's first serial killer.

As Deadline reports, DiCaprio's shingle Appian Way scooped up Erik Larson's non-fiction book "Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America" which chronicles H.H. Holmes, a cunning serial killer who used the Chicago World Fair of 1893 to lure his victims to their unfathomable death.

But "Devil in the White City" is not all about Holmes, his serial killer life intertwines with Daniel H. Burnham, the brilliant architect behind the fair.

I can see it now! If "Shutter Island" is the architecture of a deranged mind and "Inception" is about the architecture of the brain, then "Devil in the White City" examines the architecture, the twists and turns if you may, in the making of a serial killer.

DiCaprio and company are on the hunt for a great writer and director before selling the film to studios. The actor is going to play Holmes, but who should play Burnham. And more importantly, who should direct?

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"Saw 3D" Slices and Dices Box-Office Competition, Debuts at No. 1 with $24.2 Million! 

The seventh installment of "Saw," billed as "Saw 3D," debuted at No. 1 with $24.2 million. Sure this one's still higher than last year's "Saw VI" but it still underperformed compared to earlier chapters in the "Saw" series (from 2 to 5) which all made $30 million each over opening weekend.

Is it time for a "Saw" reboot?

A much better scary film is "Paranormal Activity 2" which slipped to No. 2 this weekend with $16.5 million raising its total to $65.7 million (check out my interview with Katie Featherston for "Paranormal Activity 2" by clicking here).

Meanwhile, Summit's "Red" finished at No. 3 with $10.8 million. So far, the action comedy starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren has raised $58.9 million.

Crossing the $100 million mark is the funny "Jackass 3D" which came in at No. 4 with $8.4 million. The 3D stunt comedy has raised its total to $101.6 million. (Click here for my movie review of "Jackass 3D." For my fun one-on-one interviews with the entire cast and director Jeff Tremaine, click here)

Here's the estimated Top 10 Box-Office Films for Weekend of 10/29:

1. "Saw 3D," $24.2 million.
2. "Paranormal Activity 2," $16.5 million.
3. "Red," $10.8 million.
4. "Jackass 3D," $8.4 million.
5. "Hereafter," $6.3 million.
6. "Secretariat," $5.1 million.
7. "The Social Network," $4.7 million.
8. "Life as We Know It," $4 million.
9. "The Town," $2 million.
10. "Conviction," $1.8 million.

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Katie Speaks! My Fun "Paranormal Activity 2" Interview with Katie Featherston 

I am so blessed to be able to talk to Katie Featherston for the second time. Last year, I interviewed Featherston and her erstwhile "Paranormal Activity" partner, Micah Sloat (check out my interview with Featherston and Sloat for "Paranormal Activity" by clicking here). This year, she's solo for "Paranormal Activity 2."

If you haven't seen the sequel/prequel yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Go watch it! I enjoyed this film, it moves the narrative of the franchise forward. And it's scary! Much like the first one, the images will stay with you.

In this fun interview, we talked about:

*** The fun, nutty, craziness surrounding the franchise.
*** When did she learn that she would be part of the sequel/prequel?
*** Escaping the curse of "The Blair Witch Project 2" curse!
*** What's her favorite scary scene from the sequel?
*** What was it like reuniting with Micah?
*** (SPOILER ALERT!) How does it feel like being America's new favorite boogeyman?
*** Did she wear the same bloody boxer shorts and tank top?
*** Are there any threequel talks yet?
*** The first film was shot for 7 days, what about this one?


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Happy Halloween Weekend! Watch my Top 13 Modern Scary Films! Boo! 

It's Halloween season again, time for my my annual spooky-related list. Last year, I gave you the best of the best (See Top 13 Scary Flicks of All Time), now, I'm choosing the Top 13 Modern Scary Films (pretty much horror movies from the last decade).

I'm a horror buff so it's hard to choose, but the films that didn't make it to my Top 13 were put in my Runners-up category.

So, here it is, The Top 13 Modern Scary Films. Did your favorite appear on my list? Read More...

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