Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" Tops European Film Awards Nominations! 

I'm so glad that Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" is getting love months after it was released. It's a fantastic political intrigue thriller peppered with great performances by Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, and Olivia Williams (Check out my "Ghost Writer" review right here, and my interviews with Brosnan and Williams right here).

While we're on the subject -- can I please nominate Williams for Best Supporting Actress? Academy are you listening? Williams did a fine, fine job in her role that holds the key to the film's intriguing plot twist! And never once did you see the actress reveal the secret! I love her!

And apparently, the European Film Academy also loves Roman Polanski's film! "The Ghost Writer" has been nominated for seven European Film Awards including best film, best director, best editor, best script, best production designer, best composer, and best actor for Ewan McGregor.

The more than 2,300 EFA Members will now vote for the winners which will be presented during the Awards Ceremony on December 4 in Tallinn/Estonia. You will be able to see the live stream of the awards telecast by going to

Here are the nominees of the 23rd European Film Awards:


BAL (Honey), Turkey/Germany
directed by Semih Kaplanoğlu
written by Semih Kaplanoğlu & Orçun Köksal
produced by Semih Kaplanoğlu & Johannes Rexin

DES HOMMES ET DES DIEUX (Of Gods and Men), France
directed by Xavier Beauvois
written by Etienne Comar & Xavier Beauvois

directed by Roman Polanski
written by Robert Harris & Roman Polanski
produced by Robert Benmussa, Alain Sarde & Roman Polanski

LEBANON, Israel/Germany/France
written and directed by Samuel Maoz
produced by Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, David Silber, Uri Sabag, Einat Bickel, Benjamina Mirnik & Illan Girard

EL SECRETO DE SUS OJOS (The Secret in their Eyes), Spain/Argentina
directed by Juan José Campanella
written by Eduardo Sacheri & Juan José Campanella
produced by Gerardo Herrero, Mariela Besuievsky & Juan José Campanella

directed by Fatih Akin
written by Fatih Akin & Adam Bousdoukos
produced by Fatih Akin & Klaus Maeck


Olivier Assayas for CARLOS
Semih Kaplanoğlu for BAL (Honey)
Samuel Maoz for LEBANON
Roman Polanski for THE GHOST WRITER
Paolo Virzi for LA PRIMA COSA BELLA (The First Beautiful Thing)


Zrinka Cvitešić in NA PUTU (On the Path)
Sibel Kekilli in DIE FREMDE (When We Leave)
Lesley Manville in ANOTHER YEAR
Sylvie Testud in LOURDES

Jakob Cedergren in SUBMARINO
Elio Germano in LA NOSTRA VITA (Our Life)
George Pistereanu in EU CAND VREAU SA FLUIER, FLUIER (If I Want to Whistle,
I Whistle)
Luis Tosar in CELDA 211 (Cell 211)


Jorge Guerricaechevarría & Daniel Monzón for CELDA 211 (Cell 211)
Robert Harris & Roman Polanski for THE GHOST WRITER
Samuel Maoz for LEBANON
Radu Mihaileanu for LE CONCERT (The Concert)


Giora Bejach for LEBANON
Caroline Champetier for DES HOMMES ET DES DIEUX (Of Gods and Men)
Pavel Kostomarov for Как я провел этим летом (How I Ended this Summer)
Barış Özbiçer for BAL (Honey)


Luc Barnier & Marion Monnier for CARLOS
Arik Lahav-Leibovich for LEBANON
Hervé de Luze for THE GHOST WRITER


Paola Bizzarri & Luis Ramirez for IO, DON GIOVANNI (I, Don Giovanni)
Albrecht Konrad for THE GHOST WRITER
Markku Pätilä & Jaagup Roomet for PÜHA TÕNU KIUSAMINE (The Temptation
of St. Tony)


Ales Brezina for KAWASAKIHO RŮŽE (Kawasaki’s Rose)
Pasquale Catalano for MINE VAGANTI (Loose Cannons)
Alexandre Desplat for THE GHOST WRITER
Gary Yershon for ANOTHER YEAR

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Disney Gets Violent with "Cowboy Ninja Viking!" 

Walt Disney Pictures has picked up the movie rights to "Cowboy Ninja Viking," the comic book with a multiple personality twist from writer AJ Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo.

The Image Comics property's violent nature goes against the grain of Disney's squeaky-clean image! Are we about to see the darker side of the House of Mouse?

"Zombieland" writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are attached to write the script and co-produce with Mark Gordon and Management 360.

So what is "Cowboy Ninja Viking" about? According to Cowboy Ninja Viking blog spot, it "is the creation of Doctor Sebastian Ghislain, a psychotherapist who recruits Multiple Personality Disorder patients to produce a unit of counter-intelligence agents called Triplets. When they become out of control assassins? That’s when the deadliest Triplet of them all, Cowboy Ninja Viking, is called in to take down his own brethren."

Intriguing and dark! Perfect! :happy

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Get Ready for "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D!" 

Truth be told, "Silent Hill" was the only videogame franchise that I played from start to finish. So to my discontent, I was letdown by the first "Silent Hill" movie released in 2006 by director Christoph Gans.

Now, "Silent Hill" gets a 3D sequel with help from the "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D" team. According to the Hollywood Reporter, French producer Samuel Hadida has joined forces with Don Carmody. They recently gave us "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D."

Michael J. Bassett, the guy who gave us "Deathwatch" and the "Solomon Kane" movies, is set to write and direct the sequel to be called "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D." Lionsgate is set to distribute.

Hadida revealed to THR that, "We have high expectations for this continuation of the franchise with our reunited Silent Hill production team...Michael was our natural choice to write and direct. He understands the genre, is passionate about the Silent Hill franchise, and will bring his considerable action picture skills to a fresh and thrilling insight of the Silent Hill 3D world."

Roger Avary ("Pulp Fiction") wrote the first draft of the sequel centered on Heather Mason, a character from the third video game in the series. This one will be set 17 years after the first film, and will be in 3D of course!

Konami, the gaming company who gave us the "Silent Hill" videogame series, is on board. "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" is set to shoot in Toronto this year.

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Natalie Portman Gets Racy with Ashton Kutcher in "No Strings Attached!" Check Out New Trailer! 

Here's more info on "No Strings Attached"

A guy and a girl struggle to have an exclusively sexual relationship as they both come to realize they want much more.

Director: Ivan Reitman
Cast: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling, Olivia Thirlby, Kevin Kline, Cary Elwes, Lake Bell, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Jake Johnson
Release Date: January 21, 2011

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Will Martin Sheen Play Uncle Ben in "Spider-Man" Reboot? Will Sally Field Play Aunt May?  

Martin Sheen is in final negotiations to play Spidey's father figure, Uncle Ben, in the new Columbia Pictures' reboot of "Spider-Man" according to the Hollywood Reporter. His character arch remains the same -- he and Aunt May raised Peter Parker and his death at the hands of a burglar leads Parker onto the path of heroism.

Sally Field is also in talks to star as Aunt May. If everything lines up, Sheen and Field will join Andrew Garfield (Peter/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), and Rhys Ifans who will play the film's unnamed villain.

Director Marc Webb is set to start production in December. My spidey-sense is telling me that both Sheen and Field will come on board!

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