“Dallas Buyers Club” Movie Review -- Why You Have to See This Inspiring Film 

Matthew McConaughey is getting major Oscar buzz for his role as a straight, party animal of a cowboy who contracted AIDS in 1985. Inspired by true events, McConaughey plays Ron Woodruff who decides to travel to Mexico to get alternative treatments. It worked! Soon, he’s selling his concoction illegally with the help of his business partner, the transsexual Rayon, splendidly played by Jared Leto. Jennifer Garner co-stars as the voice of the medical community, playing a doctor who treats both Ron and Rayon.

Is “Dallas Buyers Club” worth your time and money and all the buzz? Watch my review.

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It's Finally Here! See First Official "Maleficent" Trailer! 

Back in May of 2009, we broke the story that Angelina Jolie was being courted by Disney to star as the wicked witch "Maleficent" in the planned retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" tale. (See EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie to Star as Disney's Greatest Villain Maleficent!)

Back then, my super-reliable source revealed to me that Brad Bird was attached to write and direct the project. Well, so many incarnations of the story later (Tim Burton was supposed to direct, then David O. Russell), but now, it's finally here, and we even have a new poster, and a new trailer! And I'm super excited!

The film also stars Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley and Sam Riley. "Maleficent" is out in theaters on May 30, 2014 and I can't wait!

See the new "Maleficent" trailer below:

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Best Actor Oscar: Matthew McConaughey Interview for “Dallas Buyers Club” 

Matthew McConaughey steady but hard rise to acclaim could be documented in a movie. The once Paparazzi magnet and rom-com graduate began his ascension with “The Lincoln Lawyer” followed by “Bernie,” “Killer Joe,” and Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike.” And this year alone, McConaughey wowed us in two important movies namely “Mud” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” Now, I love Chiwetel Ejiofor in “12 Years a Slave” but my heart belongs to McConaughey’s performance in “Dallas Buyers Club” as a redneck cowboy, and dare I say, straight man, who contacted HIV during the early years of the epidemic. The actor lost weight (an Oscar getter) and dove into the role without sentimentality but not sacrificing gravitas. He is simply amazing in the movie! By the way, the movie is not depressing but uplifting and funny!

I saw down with the actor to talk about:

*** What was his ultimate attraction to making “Dallas Buyers Club?”
*** The movie’s humor and levity
*** His character’s wicked sense of humor
*** The heart of the movie is the relationship between his character, the cowboy, and Jared Leto’s transsexual character, Rayon, the Queen B – I got goosebumps just talking about it with him!
*** How did he prepare for the character?
*** 2013 is McConaughey’s year!
*** Happy 20th Anniversary to “Dazed and Confused” – he said the famous “alright, alright, alright!”

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Best Supporting Actor Oscar: Jared Leto Interview for “Dallas Buyers Club” 

Oh my gosh you guys, you have to see Jared Leto’s performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.” He plays Rayon, an HIV-infected transsexual who teams up with Ron Woodroff (the equally amazing Matthew McConaughey) in peddling much-needed drugs to AIDS patients during the early years of the disease. Leto took a break from his self-imposed acting hiatus to play this role because you know, he’s a busy musician now with his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. And thank God he played the part! Mark my words, he will get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor Oscar, and perhaps, win! In this interview, we talked about:

*** He brought us “closer to the edge” with this role – a pun on his band’s single but it’s true!
*** What attracted him to making the movie?
*** What made him take a self-imposed hiatus from acting – what did he learn?
*** How was it working with McConaughey – the cowboy and the Queen B!
*** How did he research for the role?
*** A really heartbreaking scene with his dad in the movie – it broke my heart!

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Jennifer Garner Talks About “Dallas Buyers Club” 

Jennifer Garner is an absolute sweetheart! Previously known as Sydney Bristow in the drama thriller “Alias,” Garner is now busy making thought-provoking movies like the new “Dallas Buyers Club” and being the lovely wife of Ben Affleck. I know, I wish we were allowed to ask Garner about her husband’s upcoming role as Batman in the “Man of Steel” sequel but alas, we were forbidden. So, I talked to her about the sure-to-be Oscar contender starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. Here’s what we talked about:

*** The film’s touching yet unsentimental portrait of a man willing to live
*** What attracted her to making the movie?
*** What she learned playing the voice of the medical community during the AIDS crisis – how she attacked playing a passionately smart doctor?
*** Ron’s (McConaughey) passion
*** Working with McConaughey again
*** Working with Leto, who I heard, was in character the whole time of shooting the movie
*** What struck her the most about the pandemic we know as AIDS?
*** Let’s dare to live!

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