Interview with Director Patricia Riggen for “The 33” 

Patricia Riggen, one of the few women directors working in Hollywood today, is behind the uplifting tearjerker “The 33.” Talking to her, like watching the movie, will make you cry with passion! I sat down with Riggen for this one-on-one interview about her interest in making “The 33,” and the difficult task of maintaining a balance between the stories of the trapped miners, their families, and the rescuers.

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"The Peanuts Movie" or "Spectre" -- Which Movie Is Worth Your Time and Money? 

We have two big films this weekend that could elevate Hollywood’s box-office slump. There’s “The Peanuts Movie” featuring Charlie Brown and friends from the folks who gave us “Ice Age” and “Rio.” We also have the 24th Bond film “Spectre” with Daniel Craig making his farewell performance as 007…maybe? This is from director Sam Mendes who gave us the last Bond installment “Skyfall.”

Which one is my pick of the week? Take a look!

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Happy Halloween! My Top 10 Best Scream Queens in Cinematic History 

Just in time for Halloween, my favorite scream queens! Did your favorite make my list? Check out the most memorable female characters in the world of terror! Here’s my Top 10 Scary Movie Scream Queens.

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"The Last Witch Hunter" or "Steve Jobs!" Which Movie Will You See First? 

Two big movies for you this weekend! First, we have “The Last Witch Hunter” starring Vin Diesel. It’s a supernatural thriller co-starring Michael Caine, Rose Leslie, and Elijah Wood. And finally, “Steve Jobs” is now on wide release! See why I’m calling this one of the year’s best!

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My Fun and Funny Interview with Vin Diesel for “The Last Witch Hunter” – What’s His Favorite Witch’s Power? 

It was fun to talk to Vin Diesel! I sat down with the actor for “The Last Witch Hunter” and we talked about all sorts of stuff including my very first interview in the junket circuit. Yup, it was with him for “The Pacifier!” I also talked to him about why he was not only interested in starring as Kaulder in the supernatural-fantasy movie but he’s also producing!

Wait until you see why he’s wearing shades in the film and his favorite witch’s power!

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