Joel Edgerton Talks about “Loving” 

Joel Edgerton (“Warrior,” “The Gift”) disappears into the role of Richard Loving in writer/director Jeff Nichols’ “Loving.” Together with his on-screen partner, the equally wonderful Ruth Negga, the couple gave the year’s most understated performances. Simply put, I’m loving “Loving!” Take a look at my interview with Edgerton for “Loving.”

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Terri Abney Reveals Inspiration for Her “Loving” Character 

You will fall in love with Terri Abney when you see her performance as Mildred’s (Ruth Negga) sister in “Loving.” I sat down with the delightful actress to talk about her inspiration behind her real-life character of Garnet.

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Writer/Director Jeff Nichols Talks about “Loving”  

Writer/director Jeff Nichols creates an emotionally-rich homage to the real-life Lovings, Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred (Ruth Negga) in “Loving.” It’s a biopic about an interracial couple who fought for their right to love one another. It’s a strong Oscar contender. Take a look at my interview with Nichols for “Loving.”

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Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams Interview for “Manchester by the Sea” 
“Manchester by the Sea” is one of the most powerful and emotionally-rich movies of 2016, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to talk to its stellar cast headed by Casey Affleck (Lee Chandler) and Michelle Williams (Randi Chandler). Take a look at my interview with the actors from the Toronto International Film Festival.

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“Manchester by the Sea” Interview with Lucas Hedges 
Lucas Hedges co-stars in the beautifully textured and emotionally rich “Manchester by the Sea.” He is Patrick in the movie, the nephew of Casey Affleck’s character. This is from writer/director Kenneth Lonergan (“You Can Count On Me,” “Margaret”).

I sat down with the young actor at the Toronto International Film Festival for this one-on-one interview where we talked about his role and what he learned from working with Affleck.

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