Aaron Eckhart Trained with Manny Pacquiao’s Trainer for “Bleed for This” 

I love talking with Aaron Eckhart, especially with a movie that has “No Fallen” on the title! HA! In “Bleed for This,” he stars as Vinnie Pazienza’s trainer Kevin Rooney. He virtually disappeared in the role as he gained weight and lost his hair. Take a look at my interview with Aaron Eckhart for “Bleed for This.”

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The Lovely Katey Sagal Talks About Her Role in “Bleed for This” 

We all fell in love with Katey Sagal as Peg Bundy in “Married with Children.” Now, she’s playing a different kind of mom in “Bleed for This.” She plays the kind of mother who goes to her makeshift altar to smoke cigarettes as she listens to her son’s boxing fight on TV. But she comes from love. See my interview with Sagal for the gripping biopic “Bleed for This.”

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Director Ben Younger Talks About His Own Comeback for “Bleed for This” 

“Bleed for This” is the true-life story of World Champion Boxer Vinnie Pazienza (Miles Teller) who made one the most incredible comebacks in the world of sports. The writer/director of the biopic, Ben Younger, is also making a comeback of some sorts. He hasn’t made a full feature film since 2005’s “Prime.” Why now? Take a look at my interview with the writer/director of “Bleed for This.”

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My Fun and Insightful Interview with Tom Ford for “Nocturnal Animals” 

It was a great honor to meet and interview fashion icon Tom Ford. Besides being one of the world’s top designers, Ford is an auteur and a master at creating mood as evident in 2009’s “A Single Man” and this year’s “Nocturnal Animals.” Why did the director decide to tackle Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan? Take a look at my fun interview with Mr. Tom Ford.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Explains His Dual Role in “Nocturnal Animals” 

Jake Gyllenhaal shows the softer side of masculinity in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals.” He is Tony Hastings, the fictional character in the book written by Edward Sheffield also played by Gyllenhaal. I sat down with the actor for this one-on-one interview, take a look.

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