"Four Christmases" Nabs Holiday Weekend Top Spot 

American moviegoers ignored negative reviews for "Four Christmases" and put it on top the crowded holiday weekend. The Vince Vaughn-Reese Witherspoon romantic trifle debuted at No. 1 with $31.7 million. Since opening last Wednesday, the Warner Bros. release scored a total of $46.7 million.

Previous No. 1 film, the vampire romance "Twilight" fell down to No. 3 with $26.4 million box-office take. Meanwhile, Walt Disney's "Bolt" moved up to No. 2 with $26.6 million.

The weekend's other new wide release, "Australia" starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman opened at No. 5 with $14.8 million for the weekend and $20 million since debuting Wednesday.

But forget all the big Hollywood flickS. The real story this past weekend is Sean Penn's drama "Milk." Although it debuted at No. 10 with $1.4 million, it managed to pull that number opening in just 36 theaters.

Get this, "Milk's" per theater average is $38,375 per cinema compared with $9,751 in 3,310 theaters for "Four Christmases."

"Milk" is set to open wide this coming weekend!

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Roger Moore the Movie? And Johnny Depp to Star? 

Rumors are flying that Sir Roger Moore's life is set to be turned into a big screen project with Johnny Depp to play the part of the James Bond actor.

Okay, all these rumors about possible biopics with Depp's name attached are getting out of hand. But it's fun to believe them right?

Furthermore, there are supposed to be TWO production companies that are duking it out for the screen rights to the book -- My Word Is My Bond -- written by Mister Moore himself.

The book is supposed to be filled with titillating tales about the Bond actor's exploits during his heyday as the secret service agent, and his relationship with iconic Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, and David Niven.

File this under intriguing and captivating.

But Moore has been doing the press rounds lately. First, criticizing the latest Bond movies as too violent, and now, saying that Daniel Craig is a great Bond!

Make up your mind Mister Roger.

Going back to the supposed Moore biofilm, WENN is saying:

"The whole project is shrouded in secrecy but Sir Roger has been telling friends, with a knowingly raised eyebrow, that he's a great admirer of Johnny Depp."

Okay, let's wait and see.

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The Bro-mance Between David Fincer and Brad Pitt 

Like Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro, director David Fincher and Brad Pitt have been forging an actor and director bond that has been profitable commercially and creatively.

The pair have worked together on numerous films including 1995's "Se7en" and 1999's "Fight Club."

Now, the two have a film coming out, that's one of the best films of 2008, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Co-star Taraji Henson (she plays Queenie, Pitt's adoptive mom) has witnessed the close friendship with the actor and director.

She tells USA Today newspaper that she and other castmembers, including Cate Blanchett, "often felt left out because they have their own way of communication."

"(Pitt)'s David's muse, partly because he's so easygoing. He'll crack a joke, or they'll start ripping (insulting) on each other, and everything is relaxed again.

"Sometimes you have to interrupt them just to get them to speak English. They're like brothers - opposite in the way they act, but they understand each other the way families do."

Aw, how sweet. By the way, Miss Taraji deserves a BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for her role! Trust me!

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The "Curse" of Sherlock Holmes? Downey Jr. Knocked Out Cold in Fight Scene 

The crew of the new Guy Ritchie film, "Sherlock Holmes" have started joking about the curse of Sherlock Holmes.

Why? The movie has been plagued by a series of mishaps, the most current one involving Robert Downey Jr. when he was knocked out by a giant wrestler.

According to WENN,

The Iron Man actor was filming a fight scene with seven foot (2.1 metre)-tall co-star Robert Maillet when the big man threw a punch that left Downey Jr. "out cold".

A nurse on set attended to the star and gave him six stitches in his mouth.

Other incident involved the cast and crew running for safety when a petrol tanker burst into flames closing down production for two hours.

Hhhmmmm, there maybe the curious case of the curse of Sherlock Holmes.

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So That's the Reason Why Head of Los Angeles Film Festival Resigned! 

Richard Raddon resigned as director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, because of...his support for Proposition 8.

Apparently, Mister Richard, a Mormon, contributed $1,500 to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California.

Hhhmmmmmmm, take a look at the full article right here.

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