"Marley & Me" Barks Atop Crowded Box-Office Christmas Weekend 

The oh-so cute "Marley & Me" debuted on top of a very busy Christmas weekend with $37 million in ticket sales and a total of $51.7 million since opening Christmas Day.

In fact, all the new movies enjoyed a huge happy holiday Christmas weekend.

Adam Sandler's "Bedtime Stories" came in second with $28.1 million and $38.6 million since Christmas day.

The happy story at the box-office? "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" opened strong at No. 3 with $27 million for the weekend and $39 million since premiering Christmas Day.

For a 3-hour 3-hankie film, that's a huge opening, and yes, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is one of my favorite films of 2008!

Heck, even Tom Cruise's much-maligned "Valkyrie" enjoyed a great opening landing at NO. 4 with $21.5 million and $30 million since opening on Christmas.

The other happy story at the box-office this past weekend? All the Oscar-buzzed flicks enjoyed ho-ho-hos at the box-office. Movies such as "Doubt," "Frost/Nixon," "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Wrestler," and "Milk" marched solidly at the box-office!

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Sean Penn to be Honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 

Wow, the 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala is shaping up to be a star-studded extravaganza! Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ron Howard, and Gus Van Sant are just some of the creative folks being honored.

Now, Van Sant's brilliant actor in "Milk," Sean Penn, is being given kudos at my upcoming hometown even, the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday, January 6th!

Congratulations Mister Sean!

To read the full press release, and if you're interested to purchase tickets, click Read More! Read More...

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FOX Wins "Watchmen" Case 

It was a battle between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. The issue? Which studio has the right to distribute "Watchmen" the movie.

According to Variety,

Fox filed the suit in February, contending it retains distribution rights to the graphic novel penned by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons.

The suit asserts that producer Lawrence Gordon's option to acquire Fox's remaining interest in "Watchmen" was never exercised, thereby leaving Fox with its rights under a 1994 turnaround agreement. Warner Bros. has denied Fox's assertions and contended Fox doesn't hold the copyright.

Fox originally acquired the rights to "Watchmen" in the late 1980s and spent more than $1 million developing the project, which later went to Universal and then Paramount before landing at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

So the bottom-line for us moviegoers? We may not see the film on WB's intended opening date of March 6th.

And it's a bummer, because I want to see director Zack Snyder's follow-up to "300" plus I'm a big fan of Alan Moore, and I own the first 12 issues of the comic book series, first printing!

Oh yes, I also have Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" both volumes, and was bummed that the movie version sucked!

So, let's pray to the movie gods that "Watchmen" will be a great adaptation AND that WB and FOX will agree to work together so we can see the movie in March.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Watch My Top 10 Best Holiday Films...Ever! 

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FOUR BIG MOVIE REVIEWS! "Bedtime Stories," "Marley & Me," "Valkyrie," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" 
Hi y'all, here you go! My movie reviews of:


So many movies, so little time!

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