My Fun Interview with Colin Farrell for "Saving Mr. Banks!" I Called Him Daddy HA! 

I love Colin Farrell! First of all, he called me “luv” and there’s nothing wrong with that HA! But truth be told, the last time I sat down with the actor was for “In Bruges,” and after so many years, I sat down with the actor again, and you can see a remarkable, positive change in his aura! He’s in a much better place now!

And he was fantastic in the movie, as the father of P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson). Farrell flexes his acting muscles for the film.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** What made him want to be a part of the movie?
*** His character’s relationship with his daughter in the movie?
*** How did he attack the role?
*** “Saving Mr. Banks” is an homage to art!
*** Favorite scene in the film!
*** I called him a daddy! HA!

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“Saving Mr. Banks” Interviews – Jason Schwartzman, Bradley Whitford, B.J. Novak 

Emma Thompson mesmerizes in “Saving Mr. Banks,” but helping her are the fantastic trio of Bradley Whitford (Don DaGradi, co-writer of “Mary Poppins”), Jason Schwartzman (Richard M. Sherman), and B.J. Novak (Robert B. Sherman). Thompson stars as P.L. Travers, the nightmare of an author who won’t let her “Mary Poppins” go! And she gave the Sherman brothers, composers and lyricists of the 1964 musical, and co-writer Don DaGradi, a hard time! And that’s an understatement!

I sat down with the fantastic trio to talk about “Saving Mr. Banks.”

*** How they got interested in making the movie?
*** How Schwartzman’s brother gave him the inside scoop on “Saving Mr. Banks”
*** How art is cathartic – a theme of the movie!
*** Richard Sherman visited the set – and he was experiencing nightmares just by watching Emma Thompson!

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“Saving Mr. Banks” Director John Lee Hancock Interview 

Director John Lee Hancock helped give Sandra Bullock her first Best Actress Oscar award for “The Blind Side,” and now, the filmmaker is back with “Saving Mr. Banks,” a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Mary Poppins” with Emma Thompson as the author P.L. Travers and Tom Hanks as Mr. Walt Disney himself!

I sat down with the director at Walt Disney Studios to talk about the movie:

*** What got him interested in making the movie?
*** What research did he do to make the movie?
*** What made him choose Emma Thompson?
*** What does he want viewers to feel after watching “Saving Mr. Banks?”

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“Out of the Furnace” Movie Review -- Is it Oscar Worthy? 

Christian Bale returns to the big screen for Scott Cooper’s (“Crazy Heart”) “Out of the Furnace.” He plays Russell Blaze, a mill man in the economically-depressed Rust Belt. Casey Affleck plays his brother Rodney, a soldier damaged by the Iraq War.

The film features an impressive cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana, and Sam Shepard.

Is “Out of the Furnace” worth your time and money, and is it a worthy Oscar contender this awards season? Check out my movie review.

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Oscar Shortlist: Best Visual Effects 

We all know that Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" will win this award, but let's pretend we don't know that. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has released the 10 movies shortlisted for Visual Effects Oscar. Besides "Gravity," it's also fitting that Peter Jackson's sequel "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" was included.

But "The Lone Reanger" really? Okay, there are two eye-popping train sequences there, and perhaps, Johnny Depp's hairpiece is considered a visual effect! HA!

The Visual Effects branch will whittle down the list on January 9, and we'll find out the final nominees on January 16th when the Oscar noms are revealed.

Here's the complete list:



"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

"Iron Man 3"

"The Lone Ranger"


"Star Trek Into Darkness"

"Thor: The Dark World"

"Pacific Rim"

"World War Z"

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