"Independence Day: Resurgence" -- Cheesy, Fun But Not Enough 

The sequel to 1996’s “Independence Day” invades theatres near you! This one’s called “Resurgence” but alas, Will Smith, who became a major blockbuster star when the original came out chose to not fight aliens again. Apparently, “After Earth” is the last of his out-of-this-world films. But Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum return. This one even has a woman president (Sela Ward) and a gay couple! Times have changed. But is the sequel worth your time and money? Take a look at my “Independence Day: Resurgence” movie review.

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Top 25 Best Movies Ever With A Doggie Twist 

Movies have gone to the dogs, at least in my cinematic world. I picked my Top 25 Best Movies Ever and let my dogs be the stars! Meet my four furbabies Nemo, (yes, I’m a big fan of “Finding Nemo” and even named our cat Dory), Tony, Tia, and Twinkle. They were all rescued and now are the stars of my movie project! The movies I chose have influenced and continue to inspire budding filmmakers and movie buffs. Did your favorite made the cut? Take a look!

To see the list of my Top 25 Best Movies in chronological order, click read more: Read More...

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Local Filmmaker Debuts “Vigilante Diaries” in Coachella Valley 

Palm Springs director, Christian Sesma, debuts his new action-thriller “Vigilante Diaries” in the Coachella Valley. I sat down with the director last week about the making of the movie and working with stars like Michael Madsen, Jason Mewes, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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No, "Finding Dory" Is Not As Good as "Finding Nemo!" 

Midway through "Finding Dory," as soon as Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) embarks on a mission to find her parents (Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton), I came to the realization that the $200-million sequel was carefully crafted not because there was a compelling story to be told rather due to purely economic reasons. In my humble opinion, in the Pixar universe, "Finding Dory" is a sequel on par with "Cars 2" or "Monsters University" and less with the stellar "Toy Story" sequels. Here's why:

Box-Office Update: Yup, "Finding Dory" opens with an all-time record debut for an animated flick with $136.2M. That's a lot of fish food!

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Which Is Better? "The Conjuring 2" or "Now You See Me 2?" Check out my Movie Reviews 
*** As seen from my other home, The Filipino Channel's Balitang America!

It’s the duel of the sequels at the box-office this weekend, which one between “The Conjuring 2” and “Now You See Me 2” is my pick of the week? Take a look!

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