About Manny! 
Manny’s professional and personal life all began with an American dream.

In 1988, Manny moved to America, leaving his comfortable life in the Philippines behind. Armed with tenacious ambition, he enrolled at Purdue University Calumet hoping to get the skills he needed to work in the television industry.

Yes, Manny lived in the Midwest, in Indiana, and he loved it!
At Purdue, Manny became the Entertainment Editor and Film Critic for the school newspaper, The Purdue Chronicle. He also received many writing and TV producing awards, including Best Film Criticism from the Sigrid Stark Foundation.

After college, Manny became an intern for the Chicago ABC station, WLS . There, he learned how to produce news promotions working for the creative services department. Manny also got accepted to finish his post-baccalaureate degree with the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago . He received full scholarship to study Film.

But it’s all about the American dream.

So Manny, like many immigrants before him, moved west.

Landing in Las Vegas in 1999, Manny got accepted to the University of Nevada to finish his Masters in Communication. He taught TV Production while finishing his degree. He also got his first break when the ABC station in Las Vegas, KTNV , hired him to be a promotion producer. Manny flourished in his job—a profession that allowed him to use his creativity and his flair for great television promotion!

In 2003, Manny moved further west, to The Golden State California, Palm Springs to be exact. Staying with Journal Broadcast Group , the same fabulous company that owns KTNV, he received a promotion, becoming the Creative Services Director for the NBC affiliate, KMIR6 .

While trying to create partnership with the radio station, MIX 100.5 , Manny got one of the biggest breaks in his life—the station was so impressed with his candor and affability, they offered him an on-air gig, baptizing him as Manny The Movie Guy—the valley’s premier film critic.

A star is born, but not like the Barbra Streisand version, more like the Janet Gaynor take.

In radio, Manny can be heard at MIX 100.5 with Bradley Ryan every Friday afternoon. Manny is also on KMIR6 every Friday morning, and at the 5pm newscast. The Film Annex where he has his own Manny the Movie Guy TV. But the biggest accomplishment that's near and dear to Manny's heart is his association with The Filipino Channel for their Balitang America newscast. Manny can be seen every Friday, giving his reviews, and celebrity interviews, and introduced by the fantastic Gel Santos Relos. His family from the Philippines and around the world can now see Manny's work through The Filipino Channel.

Furthermore, Manny is now a proud film critic of ANC, the 24-hour newschannel of ABS-CBN in the Philippines! Manny is a proud Filipino, and being affiliated with ABS-CBN, via Balitang America and ANC, is an accomplishment for our film critic.

Oh by the way, have we told you that Manny is a multiple Emmy-winning personality/host bagging 5 awards total? He received them through the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pacific Southwest.

You can feel Manny’s love for films in his TV and radio segments. From his ratings (he gives kisses—because he loves movies so much, every movie deserves at least a kiss—or a half kiss—just don’t ask him to give the tongue) to the way he makes all the celebrities feel comfortable during his interviews, Manny truly loves what he does!

So luck, tenacity, and talent led him to where he is now, let’s all wait and see where his American dream will take him next. Let’s just pray it doesn’t turn into an American nightmare (giggles).