Director Michael Mann and Robert De Niro are reuniting for the movie "Frankie Machine" (they worked together on the searing 1995 flick "Heat").

It's based on a book by Don Winslow called "The Winter of Frankie Machine."

Now, I hate to typecast De Niro, but mention the words De Niro and Mob, and you get that old, tingly sensation!

Just read the book's description taken from Don Winslow's official site:

People are products of their past, and trying to reinvent yourself from the influences of any profession during the years of retirement is always problematic. When your first career was a hit man for the mob, the past can be more than simply an influence on your present, it could be a termination of your future.

Frank Machianno, aka Frankie Machine, retires from his life as a contract killer and begins a new life in San Diego. Far removed from any of the thrills of his mob life, he opens a bait shack on Ocean Beach Pier, runs three other legit businesses, and when nothing else demands his attention, puts his board in the water and rides the waves. Not a bad life for the 62-year-old Vietnam vet; at least most of the time it is quiet.

Frankie’s life however returns to the tension, suspense and terror of the ‘old-days’ when the head of the Los Angeles syndicate calls in a marker, and asks him for backup during a meeting with members of the Detroit mob. The meeting is suppose to be an effort to resolve the current disputes between the two groups, but turns out to be a setup to end Frankie’s life.

Now, rather than sitting on the shoreline thinking about his past, Frankie is thrown back into that world, and forced to follow a trail of bodies, to search out which of his past crimes has surfaced from the tide to end him.

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