"Star Trek" Plot Revealed!!! 

The writers of the upcoming "Star Trek" reboot, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ("Transformers"), have been talking about the film's plot!

The duo was spotted talking it up in the Fox Movie Channel show, Life After Film School.

According to our friends at Chud, who saw the pair's appearance:

The movie begins in the Star Trek present - some time in the The Next Generation timeline. Romulans head back in time, either to kill Kirk or his father (or both, just to be safe. This is known as "The Terminator Gambit") and Spock follows them into the past, back when the Enterprise crew were young. These events change the history of the Trek universe, either creating a parallel timeline that the films will now follow or simply overwriting everything else that we know as Trek history.

Wow, it's very "Terminator-ish," but it's a bit clever. Director J.J. Abrams will have a fun time connecting the past with the present and onward to the future. Exciting! :4k

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