The Plot of "Monopoly" Movie Will Be About...the Economic Crisis! 

What's with Hollywood mirroring real-life issues? First, kudos to the film industry for doing so, but "Confessions of a Shopaholic" touched upon the credit crisis, and even "Sex and the City" the sequel will be talking about the financial issues as well.

Do we really need to see our economic problems right on the big screen when all we want is to be entertained? Especially from films that are made for pure entertainment value?

So MTV is exclusively reporting that the upcoming "Monopoly" movie will deal with...the economy. Executive producer Brian Goldner reveals:

"The whole world is about the financial markets,” Goldner told MTV News. “You can’t turn on the news today without understanding the financial markets and what’s going on out there.”

But I guess when the film is going to be about owning homes and properties, our economic crisis will be a big issue.

And with visionary director Ridley Scott on the helm, you know he's going to turn this into a reality-based film.

“I have to direct it,” Scott says. “We’re in progress right now. We’re having it written. We have identified a pretty good story and it is fundamentally a movie, not a game, probably describing in a way the characters in the film, the passion of the game, and how the game came about.”

So Scott and company...pass, go, and collect!

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