Ryan Reynolds Goes Indie for Next Movie 

After helping make "The Proposal" a No. 1 box-office success with Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds wants to do a grittier, darker follow-up.

The actor is set to star in "Buried," where he'll play a civilian contractor in Iraq who's, well, buried alive, in a coffin in the desert. The twist? He needs to find a way out using a cell phone, a candle, and a knife. Darn it, if only MacGyver is there :happy

Set to direct is Rodrigo Cortes from a script by Chris Sparling. Production is set to begin this month in Barcelona. Sorry "Deadpool" fans, Reynolds will work on this project first before the Marvel Comics adaptation.

Like many successful actors before him, Reynolds chose to take the independent film route in order to stretch his acting chops.

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