Robert Redford Beats Steven Spielberg to the Punch! Actor-Director to Make "Lincoln" Movie! 

Robert Redford goes to the land of Lincoln and may well finish his film before Steven Spielberg's similarly-themed project.

But the main difference between the two films is the premise itself. Redford's movie will concentrate on the conspiracy surrounding Lincoln's assassination, while Spielberg's will focus on the life and times of the great president. Liam Neeson was once attached to play Abraham Lincoln.

Redford will direct the historical drama "The Conspirator" about the story of Mary Surratt, the "alleged" conspirator of Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth.

Mary Surratt "was tried and executed for her involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The aid she provided Booth with in delivering materials to specific locations for him prior to the murder appeared to prove her guilt, and she became the first woman ever executed in the United States.

Her son, John Surratt, Jr., was involved in John Wilkes Booth's conspiracy schemes in their beginning stages." (Source)

James McAvoy may join the cast once "The Conspirator" begins shooting in the fall. Perhaps the actor will play the role of a young Union hero named Frederick Aiken who defended Mary Surratt, and eventually realized that the widow might have been innocent.

This is compelling and intriguing!

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