Ben Stiller Admits to Me He's Working on "Zoolander 2" Sequel! 

I took part in the "Greenberg" press junket in NY, and I spoke with Greta Gerwig (the heart of the film), Rhys Ifans (the brain of the film), and Ben Stiller (the glue that keeps on ungluing himself -- brilliant performance by Stiller!). You have to watch "Greenberg" when it opens on March 26 -- Writer/Director Noah Baumbach ("The Squid and the Whale") is a keen observer of everyday life, plus the movie is a love letter to Los Angeles minus its obvious Hollywood trappings.

I will post the video of my interviews soon, but Stiller was stoic in person with a dry wit, but I made him laugh, you'll see. Towards the end of our interview, I managed to sneak in the all-important question -- "Is it true you're working on the script for 'Zoolander 2' now and why?" To which he said, "Yes, it's confirmed, Justin Theroux from 'Tropic Thunder' is collaborating on the script with me."

And while he's telling me these words, you could see a glimmer in his eye deep inside that Derek Zoolander is trying to get out...brilliant, alive!

And I said, great, he and I can sashay together! Laughter ensued...

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