Robert Rodriguez to Direct "Deadpool?" 

The internet is abuzz with the rumor that Robert Rodriguez has been offered to direct the Marvel property, "Deadpool." Ryan Reynolds first played the part in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and is set to reprise the role.

Why all the internet rumoring? Well, Twentieth Century Fox is behind "Deadpool," and the studio and Rodriguez have a loving relationship right now. Fox is distributing the upcoming Rodriguez film "Machete," as well as "Preators," which was produced by the director.

But so far, it's all been rumors, although The Los Angeles Times mentioned that "the director has indeed been sent the script (penned by the writers of "Zombieland") but has not been extended an offer."

Rodriguez would be a good choice to helm this film (he did a remarkable job adapting "Sin City" for the big screen), but until there's a major announcement from Fox, this is all just a rumor.

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