Leo IS Hoover, Scriptwriter Confirms! 

Is Leo going to play FBI crime fighter J. Edgar Hoover? Is Joaquin Phoenix going to play his "supposed" lover Clyde Tolson? (They look dapper together on the picture -- Hoover on the left, Tolson on the right)

While we're not too sure about Phoenix's involvement (although it would be great), Dustin Lance Black, the Academy Award-winning scriptwriter from "Milk" who wrote the script for "Hoover," confirmed to Movieline that it's going to feature the perfect pair of director Clint Eastwood and star Leonardo diCaprio.

Asked about the difference between "Milk" and "Hoover," Black said:

“Hoover is not as linear and traditional as Milk — but it didn’t need to be...it was important that Milk be that. People know Hoover — or think they know Hoover — and that’s great as a writer because you’re free as a writer to explore other stuff. People didn’t know Milk, so I think it needed a more traditional structure.”

Black also said that the biopic will be told from Hoover's point of view, and that the script is written and production is set to shoot next year.

I can't wait!

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