Are You Excited for 'Transformers 4?" 

You better be, because director Michael Bay has announced that his giant robots will invade theaters on June 29, 2014. Bay just signed a two-picture deal with Paramount, and one of those films will be the fourth installment of the mega-hit "Transformers" franchise. The other movie will be a bodybuilding flick starring Mark Wahlberg called "Pain and Gain" which will hit theaters before "Transformers 4."

What's exciting about the new "Transformers" is that it's going to be a reboot. Since Shia LaBeouf swore to never utter the name Bumblebee again, at least on the big screen, Bay, along with his returning producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, and Ian Bryce, alluded that the fourth "Transformers" will be a reboot but will also be a continuation of the story we saw in the first three movies. Story? Was there any story in those movies? HA!

Steven Spielberg, Brian Goldner, and Mark Vahradian will be back to executive produce. Now, Bay and company have 2 1/2 years to make the new "Transformers" the best of the series. We know the formula by now -- the robots have more human-like qualities, the actors become cartoons, put explosions here, then make them travel through various cities, states, and countries, then put more explosions, the end. That's the sad formula of any "Transformers" movie, so the first edict should be to create a captivating story worthy of the iconic robots!

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