Thou Shall Not Be a Racist "Hunger Games" Fan! 

This incense me! Many so-called "Hunger Games" fans are complaining that some of the beloved characters of the book are played by African-American actors. They were turned black, they said!

Amanda Stenberg, who plays the angelic Rue, and Dayo Okeniyi aka Thresh, have been under scrutiny for playing roles in the movie that were supposed to be played by white folks! Really?

Never mind that both Rue and Thresh are described as characters with "dark, brown skin" in the Suzanne Collins book. So, those characters could be played by anyone with dark, brown skin, yes, even African-American folks!

Now, even Lenny Kravitz who stars as the stylist Cinna could not escape the wrath of these bigoted fans. According to E!, "Another, who also questioned the casting of Kravitz as sympathetic stylist Cinna, tweeted, "cinna and rue werent suppose to be black," before adding, "why did the producer make all the good characters black."

Can you imagine the wrath of these fans if Katniss was cast with a black actress? The horror! And did these fans really learn the message of the book about all-encompassing love? I don't think so.

One crafty "Hunger Games" fan created a Tumblr page where these racists folks could vent their dismay. (Check it out here)

And I don't know about you but -- SPOILER ALERT -- when Rue died, it was a very sad moment of the movie, but one viewer tweeted, "call me racist but when i found out rue was black her death wasn't as sad #ihatemyself."


In this day and age, I can't believe race of characters is still an issue. Did the inclusion of their race beneficial to the movie? Did it hinder the narrative of the film? Does it really matter?

In the end, it really does not matter, and these folks need to go back and read the book and learn from it!

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