Who's Likely to Direct "Hunger Games" Sequel? It's Now Down to Two Tributes! 

As soon as director Gary Ross exited "The Hunger Games" franchise, many speculations were floating around as to who should replace him for the sequel "Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Some were saying Alfonso Cuaron, the guy who gave "Harry Potter" its dark tinge with "The Prisoner of Azkaban," but I personally was hoping that Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar-winning director of "The Hurt Locker," would take a shot.

But both Cuaron and Bigelow are not the chosen ones for the Reaping Day, it has come down to two candidates -- first, the Oscar-nominated Bennett Miller ("Capote") who most recently offered us the fantastic "Moneyball," and second, Francis Lawrence, the music video director who gave us "I Am Legend" and "Constantine" among others. Deadline is also saying that Juan Antonio Bayona of "The Orphanage" and "Attack the Block's" Joe Cornish both met with Lionsgate. But Miller is the obvious choice here right? Fresh from the success of "Moneyball," the director is a great storyteller with an equally impressive eye. But here's the catch -- Miller wants to shoot, not in August as previously planned, but in spring after he finishes "Foxcatcher" for FOX.

But Lionsgate is adamant to start shooting this August (one of the main reasons Ross left the franchise -- he wanted more time), so Lawrence may be the final victor.

FOX is crimping Lionsgate's style let me tell ya. "The Hunger Games" studio is forced to shoot the sequel earlier so Jennifer Lawrence can make her appearance as Mystique in the "X-Men: First Class" sequel. And now, Miller may be out as a director because of his prior commitment to FOX.

We'll know more about who will be the ultimate director of the sequel very, very soon!

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