Will This Movie Give Tom Hanks His Third Oscar? See the Trailer for "Saving Mr. Banks" 

Walt Disney has released the new trailer for "Saving Mr. Banks" starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, the author of "Mary Poppins." The movie takes us inside the making of "Mary Poppins" and all the hoops that Disney had to go through to get Travers' approval.

We all love "Mary Poppins" now, but it's intriguing to see the drama behind the making of the beloved magical nanny musical starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

The film, directed by John Lee Hancock ("The Blind Side"), will be Disney's offering this Christmas, just in time for the Oscar season. But here's my question. Will this film have bite? It is, after all, from Disney, so I hope "Saving Mr. Banks" will be a bit edgier and less Disneyfied.

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