What Anne Hathaway Reveals About "Song One," The Philippines, and Her Oscar Win! Oh, And She Calls Me Cute!!! 

I love, love, love Anne Hathaway! She’s always been sweet and down-to-earth! The last time I interviewed the Oscar-winning actress was for “Les Miserables” and her humble and gentle demeanor was very evident in the piece.

And so I was happy to talk to Hathaway last week for her new movie “Song One” now out in theaters and on-demand! Check it out! It’s a lovefest for the indie music scene from writer/director Kate Barker-Froyland.

The quality of the satellite of our interview wasn’t that great so I chopped the interview in different sections. This one’s about her love for my home country, the Philippines!

What does she really think of my home country and the Filipinos?

Hathaway explains her interest in starring and co-producing “Song One”

This one is just cute! Hathaway calls me cute! Even up until the end when the cameras stopped rolling, you could hear her say, “He’s soooo cute!” That made my day!

When I sat down with Hathaway for “Les Miserables,” I told her she’d win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Les Miserables,” and that was 4 months before the Academy Awards! And she told me it was too early! Well guess what? She won! And now I can gloat and tell her, I told you so!

Hathaway explains the quiet relationship between her character Franny and Johnny Flynn’s James Forester in “Song One.”

“Song One” is all about the songs and Anne Hathaway is very happy to explain the music behind her film.

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