I love talking to Kathryn Newton.  She’s always sweet and smart and it’s added bonus that her co-star Kyle Allen is part of our conversation.  The two star as a would-be couple figuring out why time is broken.  I enjoyed this film and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!  “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” begins streaming on Amazon Feb. 12th.

I spoke with Newton and Allen about their interest in starring in the film, the time loop angle, and their characters.

Jermaine Harris stars as Henry in the new Amazon Studios film “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.”  He’s the friend of Mark, played by Kyle Allen, and he serves as the voice of reason in the film.  I spoke with Jermaine about the time-loop premise of the film, working with Allen and Kathryn Newton, and what era would he want to be stuck in?